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    1. Hentaria
      Why aren't you playing the game anymore (TдT)
    2. Netto
      Hello. I'm having difficulties with editing posts, making threads, updating profile information and PM'ing mods/admins. I always keep on getting an annoying error here that said that it's full of spam-like or inappropriate content.

      I am new here by the way.
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      2. Netto
        Alright. I left a comment on @Eleiryn about my problem. Thank you. I really hope I can properly do stuff here.
        Nov 15, 2016
      3. Josh
        @Netto Alrisha is right, it will be something triggering the spam filter. Just try avoid words like "free" or "Gems" until you hit 10 posts.
        Nov 17, 2016
      4. Netto
        @Josh , I see.... Well, at least now I know now. I'll try to post some more then. I really want to make a living again with my good ol' reviews back then when I am still active gumi forums. :D
        Nov 20, 2016
    3. Zenonia
      Hi senpai, heres a thought... So I've been seeing a lot of km posts lately if not all the time y not make a stickied megathread for it and make all the ppl post there. so ppl will have a better ease of access and the ones who need help will get a wider range of ideas and shorter response time.
    4. Lorenzo Scaglione
      Lorenzo Scaglione
      how i can contact with elie?
    5. DeltaHorizon020
      Hi :) Thanks for answering my question even if I don't understand it in the first place actually. I want to be civil with the posts I made right now so yeah
    6. DeltaHorizon020
      Hey man! I actually made a fanmade Omni in fan creation section. Will you give some insights regarding it :3
    7. DeltaHorizon020
      I have a question. How to delete a thread that you mistakenly made? I heard that we could delete our thread other than the mods
      1. Alrisha
        Only a mod can delete a thread.

        Normal members can only edit the first opening post.
        You can however edit/delete replies in a thread.
        Sep 28, 2016
      2. DeltaHorizon020
        I see. Too bad that I couldn't delete the last thread that I made that was locked by Sustainer
        Sep 28, 2016
      3. Alrisha
        Don't feel too bad about it. It's already well spread in Gumi's official forum and Reddit before your post.

        The reason I didn't delete it is because it is a good information for the community. At least there is no excuse of anyone claiming unfair advantage just because they didn't know about it after the event expires.
        Sep 28, 2016
        DeltaHorizon020 likes this.
    8. shadow3
      Hi, I accidentally created 2 copies of a thread... Can you delete the other one? The thread is in general discussion entitled "Guild Problem".. Thanks
    9. Klcoma
      hello sorry for asking but accidentally sold my hydraloid wrath and Grief of the Storm Champion for Mikael and tridon sphere .im wondering if you can gift it to me or give me some tips to getting them back
      1. ronnielott
        You are not getting it back. I do have a tip, next time favorite units that you love
        Apr 22, 2016
    10. KingMossy
      Do you have any tips on finding specific unit reviews?
    11. Mr. Phantom
      Mr. Phantom
      Hello you give tip right? so you see at one point in my game in raid my internet got cut off for 2 to 3 hour before i finished the the raid and now it just kick me out of the game every time I try to join or create a room saying "Unknown Item Type Detected". I try to re-install, use the reset in the setting and also in the outside title screen reset. It didn't work.
    12. Dezaia
      Hello can I ask ? How to send picture in forum pls teach me I'm still newbie here
      1. Alrisha
        Normally you would need to use 3rd-party website to upload the picture into the internet. For example using Facebook to upload the picture, then copy paste the picture's URL into the comments.

        Personally I use forum apps like Tapatalk to upload the picture directly from my phone to the comments.
        Sep 21, 2015
    13. Hentaria
      Just passing by :3
    14. Kay
      hi Alrisha, i see you give tips, i really need your help with my squead for Tri 4 and more, im leave 160 but still bet tr 4 i have more good strong units but not good setup please help me i know you have more people asking for you help? if you can find a time to help that would be awsome...

      Thank you
    15. Swagion
      Hey alrisha can you Kik me or something and help me with my squad? Thanks in advance
    16. Blaker22
      Give hint how to get rize or ibris for 100% in summon
    17. BlaBlaBloid
      Update your lead and signature lol
    18. Cheese77
      need boss guide for maxwell and all those other bosses. dont include 7* forms cause i cant get them yet
      Units: Kuda, Ronel, Semira, Lucca, Dean, Lira, Alpha, Rickel, Tiara, Phee, Eve, Belfura, Pike, Priscilla, Lemia, Andaria, Eva, Vargas, Aisha, Fiora, Selena Maruideth, Lodin, Heidt, Melchio, Themis, Hogar, Magress, Zephyr, Lidor, Ivris, Aurelia, and Carrol.
    19. Zenonia
    20. MikeX01
      May you help me with a squad for zevhualla
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