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    JOIN 1HiT

    Hello, 1HīT Guild is looking for 2 active communicative, and competitive members.

    We're a top 2% guild that is improving every season. Looking for a strong guild with a family atmosphere?We give 110% and we expect you to as well. Requirements :
    1. Participation in GUILD EVENTS (must be able to obtain a very easy 4 million minimum)
    2. Communication via our specialized dual-server Discord world.
    3.Minimum Level 400
    4. Good units is a huge plus
    5. Just chat, participate and help your fellow members.
    6. Participate in ALL RIFTS
    7. Meet our minimum contribution of 750 a week.

    If you think you have what it takes then message Phoskins109#0060 on Discord I will require that you answer a few questions and provide screenshots or pictures of your omni units to determine if you will be able to compete at the same level we do

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