Angel Idol deactivated mid-being attacked

Discussion in 'PVP Modes' started by Darius Twin, Feb 20, 2018.

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    Has anyone else noticed the Angel Idol buff deactivating in the middle of being attacked? I see this happen only in colosseum, and both to me or my opponent. If I had to give it a rarity I'd say uncommon; Maybe once every 20 battles.
    Here's an example: Erza (Yggdrasil Edict)

    I'll accidentally proc the other players BB on turn 1 and it will knock her to 1 HP, and the Angel Idol. Her life will go back up due to % HP on damage, but then back to 1 due to more incoming damage, but sometimes instead of dropping back down to 1, she goes to 0 and dies.

    I know she isn't luckily getting to 1 HP and not 0 because she is getting hit multiple times for a crap ton of damage. It's clearly activating the AI buff.

    I thought it could have been caused by the double and sometimes triple BB's, but I've ruled that out since it seems random now.
    Has anyone else noticed this?

    Edit: I am also not talking about DoT. I'm merely referring to a unit doing bb, activating the targets AI and then another unit doing their bb and the unit that just had their AI clearly activated end and die. :/
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