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Discussion in 'PVP Modes' started by Exodonic, Mar 10, 2017.

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    My current arena team is Felice(OE) lead BB Gauge when attacked plus 50% everything and BC efficiency, Ophelia(7) BB booster, Selena(OE) for AI, Azuri(OE) for AI and may hit all foes, and Zellha(OE) for status effects and boosted damage against them(and she attacks with light and dark which seems nice too). And in colo I run the same thing but juno seto(OE) lead instead of felice. I recently started bring glenn and grabriela up to omni and they'll be usable pretty soon and I was wondering where they should fit in each team( I think my only other worthwhile units I don't use are Malef Fizz Elza Krantz and Mifune). I think I want to use glenn lead in arena for sure but I'm not sure if he's better than juno for colo. Any help and advice is greatly welcomed, thank you in advance :^)

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