Spoiler Can somebody help me build the squad?

Discussion in 'Units & Squads' started by vuxuanvinh12, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. vuxuanvinh12


    touka kirishima
    I'm really bad in squad building so hope somebody can help me with this. I need a team for Raid, Quest, FR/FG
    My current squad is: touka(leader), vail&vidron, persenet, zelion,allanon
    The other units are:
    Omni: kurewa&kuragin, ludero, yamori, wintia, tridon, giselle, haile, arsom, selena, faelan, nimune, lukroar
    7 stars: haido, beiorg, vaisal, gandrei, jireid, ordine, eerikki.

    I know I am asking a lot but thanks for helping and taking the time out of your day!

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