Can someone help me with what makes a good teams with the units

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    Hey, I have new to this game, been non stop playing it for a few days now.
    Please recommend me which units I should use to make a good team(s). I don't mind leveling them up to Omni Level, but I just don't know which units are better than the others. Here is the list of units I got

    (Lord) Intact Champion Amadream (Light)

    7 Stars:
    (Guardian) Purifying Flame Rulahr (Fire)
    (Lord) Pure Disciple Lumis (Water)
    (Anima) Heresy Demon Kalon (Dark)
    (Lord) Hexed Parasite Velma (Dark)
    (Guardian) Giantkiller Keres (Dark)
    (Lord) Crimson Fist Glenn (Fire)
    (Breaker) Dragon Demon Barion (Fire)
    (Breaker) Vengeful Sword Amus (Fire)
    (Anima) Just Commander Zalts (Water)
    (Breaker) Green Fang Daze (Earth)
    (Oracle) Verdant Emperorr Daros (Earth)
    (Lord) Enchanted Armor Barvars (Earth)
    (Oracle) Pharmakeia Nimune (Earth)
    (Breaker) Sealed Thunder Ordine (Thunder)
    (Breaker) Azure King Garrel (Light)
    (Oracle) Divine Dragon (Light)
    (Guardian) Battle Fanatic Zeek (Dark)
    (Breaker) Waning Moon Mizo Dorte (Dark)

    6 Stars:
    Holy Thunder Eze (Thunder)

    5 Stars:
    (Guardian) Shadow Blade Zenia (Dark)

    4 Stars:
    (Anima) Dark Arts Dia (Fire)
    (Oracle) Inferno Elza (Dark)
    (Lord) Cursed Fei (Water)

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