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    I noticed today that I've finally logged into the game for over 4 years now.:eek:

    Yes yes, not exactly a well rounded 1500 days, but I feel like with the state I'm in atm, I might snooze over the 1500 mark.:oops:
    Anyway, this is more like a personal milestone thread not a retirement one:

    After St.Creek, as in the story mode of BF1, ended, I wasn't sure what would keep me going. I'm always a sucker for a game's story and not much for competitive play. So no wonder that I'm not exactly fascinated with how the game is now.:p Gumi tries to put some story into it's Rifts, but it just does not feel the same.
    So to keep me going, I made a BF bucket list of sorts. Things I felt I wanna do before I could truly quit the game with an ease of heart if needed.
    Since I'm mostly f2p (if not counting some spending in 2014 thx to Darvanshel and the start of "mitigation mandatory-ness":mad:), my goals had to be reasonable, they're not exactly impressive feats, more like stuff f2p achieve later than heavy p2ps do.:p I excluded stuff like the 10 mil merit sphere, because after 4 years, I've only accumulated 4 mil merit...even if I'd merit all my units, I'd not even come close.:p
    So my simplified list was:
    1. Get Summoner-kun to lvl 500. Thanks to Lab glitch shenanigans, I got that done a month ago, including maxing all weapons, elements, sp.(y)

    2. Use said Summoner-kun to deal with the content I had postponed. - Oh man did it feel great going back to Recalling Bondage FG, reminding me of all the bad memories it caused me on release and then simply steamrolling though it.:rofl: It was also nice to see him being tanky as flack in other FGs, AM SZ etc. Still mad that Gumi excluded Summoner kun from GR, Rifts, Omni+ etc, but I guess there needs to be more room for all the LE units. Sure enough summoner-kun will become available once the units have powercreeped into the stat zone of a lvl 500 summoner unit.o_O

    3. Complete most of the "Alim" content. Excluding going all the stages in the "endless" Frontier Gates, because that is just hasslesome. But sure enough all EX dungeons, trials, SZ, GQ, GGC, most of the FG-s are "cleared".(y)

    4. Check out Gumi's idea of game balance by testing the iUBB, that everybody seemed to be talking about in the recent months, to get the alt art for Ezra. Worked well enough, gg Gumi.(y)

    5. Login into the game for over 4 years while still keeping my hoarded f2p gem count at 500 while using excess ones for unit slots. I mean you cant speed this up via gemming anyway.:D Completed this just a few days ago and almost at 3000 unit slots as well, probs can get that if I emptied my gift box.(y)

    And that's it. I've completed my "to do" list.
    (had to marco some en away and use an arena orb, cause a screenshot with full en and orbs is considered a sin.:p)

    What this means is I'll probs tone down my BF activities even more, might just get reduced to simple daily logins to catch the 1500 days streak.:rolleyes: With a few arena battles and macros here and there maybe. But it definitely already feels great not needing to bother setting up sarc macros for SP grind.:lol:

    The game still seems to be going strong. I mean once you make a unit that removes LS lock, it opens a whole array of new "hard content" mandatory "debuff removal buffs" that will glorify many future LE RS units easily.(y) There is definitely money to be milked from those willing to invest. And really, I could see Gumi making a GE colo that has elements instead of classes and then rotating bonus points and rewards for a few selected elements each month, that would also justify whole batches of seasonal RS units for peeps to spend money on.o_O

    The current "f2p" rewards don't seem too shabby as well, but I'm not sure if it will be enough for the casual players. The "powercreep" for the top rewards in the seasonal events and the barrage of power-creeping LE units might widen the cap between p2p and casuals too much, thus seemingly the game is heading into p2w route. But that remains to be seen.
    I guess this is my biggest gripe atm and the reason I'm just not feeling it anymore. For example Elaina and the Timepiece sphere already felt like such rewards that a f2p should definitely under no circumstances skip getting, but once you do miss it, there is no going back and getting it, unless Gumi decides to let you. I decided not to bother, because I was nearing the end of my "to do list" anyway and now I feel like the game wont really make a good "jump back in" point if I'd ever feel it. The game is littered with ranked seasonal events and getting back into the game after a handful of months you'd be facing peeps equipped with spheres that provide AI, 15+ BC fill, 100% aoe normals etc and some decent reward units, all that you simply cant get because there were the rewards for timed events. All you'd have available to get would still be Beiorgs and Blight Arisen etc.:p Add to that the whole LE RS unit shenanigans. I'm sure enough a handful of new-ish players got to experience facing Erza if thunder va and were left wondering how they could acquire her.:p
    Totally unlike the GQ, GGC, trials and such the game was focused on before and thus my biggest gripe atm is that the game no-longer feels like its letting me play at my own pace. "Trial too hard, no biggie, I'll do it later when I feel more comfortable tackling it, probs once gumi releases a new decent SBS unit with a 10+1 gate and luckily I have 50 gems saved"...ah the good old times.;)
    But I do get the necessity of the current content, its a better business model while the game still has some spark left. Just not for me anymore, the dynamic has chaged.

    But before I go totally pessimistic, I'll still probs keep logging in, do some things, maybe try to do arena and thus eventually reach colo 100, maybe catch 1500 days login streak and bump this thread.:rolleyes: But I definitely feel atm that I've done the things I "wanted" to do in BF. So if Gumi decides to close servers in 2 years or maybe they can keep it going for another ten, all in all I feel at peace for the moment and wouldn't feel at a great loss if a server shutdown ever comes.(y)
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    Gratz dude. Im nearing the end of Colloseum (currently at 93) Also not to far from sky orb again. My bucket list included finishing all trials, GGC, grand quests (though giving up on the grand quests because 1 I just cannot beat), finishing Colo and getting to summoner level 500 and maxing the robe then Il be done with this game. my 4th year in October so maybe may hit that milestone too
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