Flame of Darkness

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    Here is a few different setups that ive have done that are all very successful in clearing to get the sphere + can push very high in stages.

    Here are possible leads:

    recommend second lead/friend:

    1st squad(no GL exclusives):
    Lyonesse lead (boost fire atk/def + elemental dmg + dmg reduction after 5k damage + bb gauge boost + earth/fire mit on ls + fire/water mit on sp, atk > def conversion)
    Johan (2 turn mit + od fill + bb on damage taken)
    Alessa (tristat + hp buffer + conversions)
    Lava (bb dmg buffer, spark bb filler, fire atk buffer)
    Malef (all elements with sp, status aliment inflictor/reflector, bb on dmg taken)
    Kulyuk friend (bc fill buff, fire barrier, small conversion def > atk, spark boost sp, heal on dmg dealt sp)

    2nd squad(some GL exclusives):
    Lyonesse Lead
    Rain (2 turn mit, atk/def down inflictor, tristat buffer, hp buffer)
    Ariesta (mainly here for spark fill sp)
    Elza (HoT, status inflictor, spark buffer) HoT is good for viktor stage
    Ciara (all elements, bb atk buffer)
    Kulyuk friend (no need for spark sp, heal on dmg dealt sp)

    3rd squad mono fire(some GL exclusives):
    Lyonesse lead
    Shura (here to replace elza for spark buffer)
    Lava/Ariesta (mainly here for spark bb fill)
    Kulyuk friend (no need for spark sp)

    So why lyonesse lead over someone like rain. Lyonesse can give similar dmg reduction + fire/earth mit + boosts your squads damage a bit. You can easily get null def ingore from the bonuses and lyoneese giving you more dmg output and survive ability over rains LS. Kulyuk is mandatory for second lead because you need the immune to elemental damage and status aliments effects, also makes your units a little tougher + UBB 75% mit is super important. I find running mono fire quad to give me the best results because lyonesse has a stacking atk/def buff that is given to all the fire units making them tougher, Elza is the only unit that would get killed on the higher levels.I used my own kulyuk friend and lyonesse lead each time since kulyuk isnt as popular anymore.

    sphere combos:
    stat boosting (beiorg) + damage reducing spheres: growth device, resistive device, courage aegis, schism orb, etc.

    UBB stages(from my experience):
    Set A stage 5: Tazer + zellha
    Set B stage 4: quiad or stage 5: luada if under 20%

    Honorable sub unit mentions:

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