[Guide] How to Beat FH5 Terminus

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    Terminus is the last difficulty level of FH 5. It is very difficult and without the right setup, it may be impossible to finish. Unlike End, Terminus features set enemies, making it easier to predict and strategize.

    There are many possible setups. But you would definitely need high hit count units like Douglas, Michele, and Duel-SGX. Best leaders are Felneus, Lodin, and Zebra. These units will ensure you kill your enemies fast and your SBB refills everytime.

    For my setup, I used Fel lead, Douglas, Michele, DSGX, Melchio, and Lodin friend. I've mixed these guys around and found that this is the best setup for me. Zebra instead of Lodin also worked. You will almost always need Fel as lead because of his SBB and LS. Lodin is also very good because of his 3 turn SBB helping SBB regen in case the fight takes long. Just be careful as Lodin is squishy.

    Round 1: Dalimaone and Pals
    This is the easiest part. The main threat here is Meltia as she does CRIT and DEF buff making them all harder to kill and hard-hitting. Make sure to use a DEF potion. They can focus kill on Lodin or Felneus. Just hit them all until you get your SBB ready. Then retaliate.

    If running 3 Dougs, Fel, GX, and Zebra. Just Fujin them and SBB away. Instant win.

    Round 2: Taskmaster Lorand + Ice Master Dean
    This is tricky. If you don't get to kill Lorand and got him to low Hp only, he'll get an attack buff and kill your Douglas. Usually 2 sbb and their dead, one CRIT sbb with Zebra friend also kills them both.

    Round 3: Elulu and the Crazy Chicks
    Don't laugh. Elulu is a threat to Felneus. Just Def pot on first turn, SBB and do it again. She may knock Fel out. Just revive.

    Round 4: Light Crystal
    For this purpose, I especially used a Divine Spear on my Doug. Just use Demon Flute, trigger Doug's BB not SBB. Enjoy.

    Round 5: Edea and Loch
    Easy breezy. Just BB till dead. Just be wary of Loch. He can kill Felneus.

    Round 6: Atro and Zelban
    They can hit hard. BB till dead but make sure you've used your DEF pot.

    Round 7: CRIT gang Zebra
    Dilma hits like a truck so never forget your DEF pot. One CRIT sbb may not do it for Zebra and Dilma, but it can take down Duel GXII. Once you get Dilma down, this should be cake.
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    Yeah Dilma hit's like a fricken truck ._.

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