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    Hey everyone, I wanted your opinions on two squads I have currently. As well as advice on units I should consider for my two squads/advice on squads I should consider making. I know its a long post but I really need these questions answered. Right now heres my two squads.

    Leader: Priestess Snow Miku
    Spirit Conjurer Astrid
    Lonely Apex Sheriff
    Sero-Anya, Eternal Light
    Prime Minister Paris

    Leader: Sero-Anya, Eternal Light
    Black Magistra Noxa
    Endless Abyss Tsovinar
    Prime Minister Paris/Saviors Vivianne and Orah

    So, the things I'm looking for are thoughts/advice on both my squads, as well as ways to improve both through unit replacement and such.

    I'm also looking for a squad crafted from your pure recommendations.

    To help you. Ive compiled a list of my notable units.

    -Light: Anya, Miku, Lara, Amadream, Estia, Persenet, Raquiel, Quentin, QiuTong, Ptah, Hakuzo, Yin-Yin, Tilith.
    -Dark: Shoryu, Roglizer, Shion, Xenon, Neferet, Ebony, Theodor, Lico, Noxa.
    -Fire: Ellie, Rahotep, Czorag, Morgana, Natalamé, Baelfyr.
    -Water: Vivianne, Astrid, Mariela, Azami, Camilla, Utheria, Vikki, Tsovinar, Florence, Jin.
    -Earth: Daze, Dranoel, Zeruiah, Hetepheres, Faelan, Bjørn, Honoka, Nia, Osiris, Lydia, Lugina, Fuu.
    -Thunder: Bonnie, Khepratum, Tate, Draegar, Sheriff, Paris, Fennia, Tevarius, N'an.

    All units are Omni'd.
    Thank you for the help and I look forward to the conversations ^^

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