Hi guys! Could you suggest a good squad please!

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  1. Hiya Cola

    Hiya Cola

    So, as the title suggests, i want you guys to suggest the best possible squad within the units i have for Trial, Grand Gaia Chronicles and Quests (THANK YOU SO MUCH)! Currently, i have Silvie (lead), Elimo (mitigator), Zelnite, Ciara and Zekt as my main squad.
    Also, if not too much to ask, could you suggest a squad with 5 different elements (preferably including Sivlie and Elimo) , it just looks better to me haha. But if it isn't do-able, then just leave it.
    The units i have are:
    Alessa, Ciara, Selena, Mariela, Zelnite, Hisui, Licht, Silvie, Krantz, Zekt, Vargas, Farlon, Avant, Shura, Kulyuk, Rengaku, Malef, Lyonesse, Azurai, Elimo, Azami, Melord, Quaid, Felice, Daze, Serge, Wannahon, Gyras, Faelen, Silas, Viktor, Rayla, Ark, Izuna, Gabriella, Agress, Kalon, Sonia, Johan and Haido.

    Thanks in advance guys!!!
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