I feel so utterly lost in life right now

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Faith, Nov 13, 2016.

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    Um. So yeah, like the title says, I am currently completely and utterly at a loss with my life right now. I just completed my first year of Medical school in Indonesia and I failed one of my modules (Basic Neuroscience (ashamed)). The doctors decided that instead of waiting for an entire semester for that module to come around again (as it is in an even semester and starts at the beginning of the year), they decided to make a special module (a more compressed version of the normal module, which lasts for 8 weeks.) (My uni starts around late August to early September with entrance exams around May). In my university, I have to pass all of the exams in a module and failing even one of them (a retake is given, provided that they didn't fail the exam(s) too badly), they fail the entire module regardless of how well you did in the rest of the components. Long story short, I failed one of the exams (anatomy) in the special module. Due to the systems in place where students have to get a minimum amount of credits per year and another rule that states that I have to pass all first year modules before I can take second year modules, I am unable to get the necessary credits to pass that year even if I join that module again in 2017. So, I have no idea what courses I can take right now, should I choose not to continue pursuing Medicine, and which Universities will accept me as I royally screwed up my A-Levels.

    So uh yeah, if anyone has any advice please reply? Or PM if they don't like sharing more personal details in a public forum.

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