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Discussion in 'Quests & Bosses' started by MDelg110554, Oct 20, 2018.

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    So, I'm trying to clear all of the bonus dungeons, but I'm stuck on Fal Nerga's first bonus dungeon mission with Kalon. My old squad would get him down to roughly 45-50% in one turn, but then he'd just use Great Life Conversion and wipe my squad. So I was looking for some guidance from some veterans to help me beat this. I'm only going to list my Omni units, and if there are any spheres/enhancements I need, I'll search online for them.

    :fire: FIRE OMNI UNITS
    Ignis Halcyon Vargas
    Abyssal Witch Ciara
    Doombringer Azurai
    Calescent Yan & Yuan
    Inferno Revolution Ruby
    Undying Flame Avant
    Fabled Emperor Kulyuk
    Dancing Flames Rengaku
    Blazing Dragon Lyonesse
    Triumphant Blaze Valen
    Korzan the Damned

    :water: WATER OMNI UNITS
    Salacia Persei Elimo
    Dark Allure Azami
    Torrential Scar Holia
    Loving Bonds Wintia
    Crocodile Lord Kawab
    Gallant Spirit Tazer
    Sapphire Noble Stein
    Foxblade Kitsu
    Archmage Haile
    Aquamarine Knight Medina
    Crystalline Blue Azalea
    Sage God Melord
    Absolute Zero Vern

    :earth: EARTH OMNI UNITS
    Terra Halcyon Lance
    Graceful Ruler Edea
    Chivalrous Thief Zelnite
    Big Sister Nyala
    Heroic Leader Quaid
    Eternal Goddess Felice
    Emerald Tusk Daze
    Wind Princess Rozalia
    Boundless Peaks Daros
    Blightblade Wannahon

    :thunder: THUNDER OMNI UNITS
    Inquisitive Soul Rhoa
    Fulgur Halcyon Eze
    Radiant Guardian Shera
    Eternal Radiance Rize
    Gracious Champion Licht
    Furious Thunder Cleria
    Celestial Plate Beiorg

    :light: LIGHT OMNI UNITS
    Glorious Hero Krantz
    Sacred Emperor Sirius
    Sublime Divinity Rinon
    Celestial Wings Lara
    Howling Wolf Zekt
    Supreme Emperor Agress
    Third Eye Diastima
    Graceful Angel Linasera
    Sacred Purpose Lukroar
    Virtuous Paladin Segrud
    Mankai Sakura Miku
    Arcane Sage Allanon

    :dark: DARK OMNI UNITS
    Void Walker Zenia
    Bewitching Wings Lunaris
    Sacred Teachings Zephyr
    Graceful Princess Elza
    Sublime Darkness Feeva
    Wise Necromancer Yuura
    Demon Manipulator Kafka
    Imperial Chain Johan
    Possessed Sea Dirk Rezo
    Headpumtress Semira
    Little Sister Nyami

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated because I am struggling to figure out a setup that could beat this mission.
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    Sorry the reply was soo long but Nyami in the squad will help a huge tonne as she has stealth which makes her immune to life conversion. Also if you have the sphere Yata no Kagami (Its FH120 reward) This sphere gives another unit stealth of there own

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