I Need Some help with my squad building please.

Discussion in 'European Server' started by Temperr, Jan 14, 2018 at 2:25 AM.

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    I watched alot of reviews for my units and tried to make my own, working pretty well but i feel like im missing something severe. Team ivebeen using mostly were my nuker squad andmy actual main squad. I already have a pretty good fh sqaud but colloseum is lacking.

    Frontier hunter

    :light: Kira ( lead )
    :light: Lauda
    :dark: Shion
    :thunder: Silvie
    :light: Regil
    Friend : :light: Arthur

    Colloseum / arena

    :thunder: Silvie
    :water: Nelson ( lead )
    :thunder: Eleonora
    :thunder: Beiorg
    :water: Selena

    Nuker Squad

    :thunder: Rize
    :thunder: Silvie ( lead )
    :thunder: Ragra
    :light: Regil
    Friend : :light: Arthur
    This squad does the most amount of damage among my other squads, 319.943.593 million damage. I dont know if its good but by the look of it im pretty confident.

    Main Squad

    :light: Regil ( lead )
    :thunder: Silvie ( second choice lead )
    :dark: Shion
    :earth: Phileine
    :earth: Emily
    Friend : Shion or Arthur

    I got Silvie and Phileine recently but i liked them both so i switched them out with Rozalia and Ragra. I made this squad with some squad building videos but i didnt understand a bit.

    *Omni units

    :fire: Rengaku, Shura
    :thunder: Rize, Ragra, Silvie, Eleonora, Beiorg
    :water: Laswell, Nelson, Camilla, Azami, Selena, Vern, Charlotte, Zeleste
    :earth: Hisui ( i dont like him), Phileine, Daze, Rozalia, Emily
    :dark: Shion, Haido
    :light: Kira, Lauda, Regil, Sirius, Magena, Mora

    *7 stars

    :earth: Quaid
    :thunder: Owen, Kanon
    :water: Azalea
    :light: Zekt, Diastma, Lucius, Ark, Krantz,
    :dark: Mizo Dorte

    Hope you can help me for the one thats reading this, thanks !

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