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    Watching Ushi and Milko arent getting me anywhere. I really want All Might. Like, REALLY BAD. I cant beat the All Might event with my current team which I will specify later. I beg of thee, PLEASE HELP. What ill do is sort all of my relevent units that i have under their specific element.
    Fire- Vargas, Ruby, Aludra, Velnar, Amus, Ciara
    Water- Quartz, Savia, Melord, Vern, Holia, Camilla, Tsuyu Asui
    Grass- Quaid, Dolk, Serge, Daros, Eriana
    Thunder- Rhoa, Rayla, Kanon, Viktor, Cleria, Beiorg
    Light- Krantz, Regil, Alan, Gabriela, Raquiel
    Dark- Elza, Ivris, Rezo, Ragina, Hadaron, Haido

    The only units of those that are OMNI are Quaid, Krantz, Rayla, Melord, Elza (Edit- Forgot Asui)

    I have more units than that but they are either piss poor event units like velnar or event units I could not/did not finish (RIP Charlotte).
    The current team is Krantz lead, Quaid, Rayla, Elza, (Insert piss poor low cost unit here (most of the time Ruby or Quartz))

    What units are worth keeping, trashing, leveling, swapping, anything. Any advice is helpful. Please and thank you.
    Extra Information you might need is im level 155 and my total unit cost is 230.
: Please, I'm, Begging, You, Guys, For, Help

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