ISO: Dope people to game/politic with. As of now Torchlight-2 and Castle Crashers. Open 4 ideas. HMU

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by BruhMan, Jun 27, 2017.

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    Title is probably as straightforward as I can get. Got a new tablet that runs windows 10 and I figured out how to access android games/market etc as well as have my steam on here. Been playing Torchlight 2---- Brave Frontier ---- and just put Castle Crashers on here and it runs. Looking for people to play Torchlight or C.Crashers with . A Mic/headset is optional, but if your good people im sure we can kick back bullshit and politic while playing games.

    Also Im open to try new games, although im fairly stubborn in the games I like/play but im open to check out new ones. Would really like a game i can just sitback and use my steam controller to play. Can be a mobile game or a fairly low req'd pc game. As this tablet is actually pretty nice but I dont really want to push it and I really do enjoy simple games as much as some elaborate fancy game, sometimes a simple game is the best goto.

    Anyway let me know if you wanna play some crashers or t2 . Also am really looking for a descent/active guild in brave frontier if anyone knows/runs one. I am on DAILY fora good bit of time.

    Hit me up, thx and happy hunting


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