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    Screenshot_20180115-040321-min.png Screenshot_20180115-040326-min.png Screenshot_20180115-040330-min.png Screenshot_20180115-040339-min.png Screenshot_20180115-040342-min.png Screenshot_20180115-040335-min.png I like the squad I have now, but I am curious to see what anyone else thinks I should be using for anything, the Squad I have right now is just for basic content. (Random Quests, FG, GGC, ect.) Can anyone make me a squad for basically every aspect like Trials, SZ, FG, GGC, just about anything but here's my units that are maxed out and omni Ill try to put more later when Im able to put a picture.
    Fire: Avant, Kulyuk, Amus, Azurai, Fen, Shura, Glenn, Sol, Adriesta,
    Water: Selena, Elimo, Isniel, Kawab, Kitsu, Mariela, Holia, Camila, Ilm
    Earth: Zelnite, Eriana, Libera, Felice, Daze, Hisui, Rozalia, Mariletta, Zeruiah, Wannahon, Faelan, Fei&Fang,
    Thunder: Ragra, Eze, Silas, Fizz, Elanor
    Light: Tilith, Sirius, Lara, Zekt, Juno-Seto, Krantz, Ark, Kira, Atro, Lauda, Solos, Alan, Arthur, Persenet, Fina, Gabriela
    Dark: Kalon, Shion, Zenia, Nyami, Galtier, Beatrix, Magress, Mifune, Elza, Dirk Rezo, Ciardha, Xie'Jing
    And my Current Squad: Persenet, Kawab, Shion, Solos, Alan(Lead)
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