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    Hey guys thanks in advance to anyone who gives me some advice. Currently Im level 163, and have been part of BF for a long time but had to take time off from the game for a period, but now i'm back and trying to build up with what I got.
    Current Squad
    Volcanic Scepter Limera (Leader)
    Ignis Halcyon Vargas
    Undying Flame Advant
    Algor Halcyon Selena
    Hallowed Dance Sefia

    Unused Units
    Hot Metal Gildorf, Ice Angel Sergio, Sea King Mega, Wise Mage Elimo, Twin Arms Rickel, Holy Earth Lance, God Tree Eltri, Gun King Douglas, Cyclonic Blades Dion, Cobra Tune Isterio, Thunder God Eze, Goddess Emilia, Tinkerer Elulu, Shock Mage Rashil, Beast God Exvejl, Lux Halcyon Atro, Pistol God Heidt, God Knight Will, Lubradine, Untainted Justice Layla, Unholy Magress, Heavenless Bushi Mifune, Deadly Illusion Shida, Hellborn Dilias, Nebula Pearl Ivris, Blade God Seria, Freya, Fire Step Ramna, Bodyguard Darvanshel, Stahn, Crimosn Dragon Regrard, Furious Nick, Kyo Kusanagi, Hail Bot Reeze, Lapis Princess Iris, Egg Seeking Cotton, Flora Princess Faris, Diva Hatsune Miku, Lead Engineer Garnan, Arche, Divine Destroyer Rize, Thunder Pole Rhoa, Bold Axe Mahalu, Adamant Victory Marlo, Vocals Kagamine Rin, Zellha, Creator Maxwell, Holy Treasures Yujeh, Cress, Larking Kira, Noble Cavalier Krantz, Milla Maxwell, Pure Knight Rouche, Alien Light Diastima, Eva, Dark Swords Logan, Grahdens, Cardes The Malevolent, Void Pearl Ivris, Laevateinn, Dagda, Disnomian Emperor Shion, Xenon.
    (Sorry for the probably annoying listings of my units. If theres anyway I can make this easier, please let me know ^^)
    I already know that I will most likely change my leader to Shion, so i will probably be trying to build around that. So any advice on things i should look for or anything really will be appreciated
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