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    I have played brave frontier for a couple years now and have just been increasing unit inventory and collecting I don't really know what units are especially good or not or if I do I don't know why they are good like the new unit zeref for instance (which by the way I got lucky and summoned acnologia as well) and I would really like some help just putting a main squad together so I stop wasting time and resources on omni-evolving useless units. Now to anyone who attempts at helping me I owe you a massive thanks because I am about to list my entire inventory (except the ones I know are bad and keep around either because you can only collect one of them or they have a really cool design like Al-Akqat) and if nobody does attempt this I completely understand (ps I also don't know if all of these units have omni evolutions so sorry about that I will try and keep the 100% I know don't have one out of here) so here goes:
    Lava, Galant, Vishra, Reed, Farlon, Vermilion, Gildorf, Kulyuk, Rengaku, Shura, Malef, Agnia, Sol, Phoenix, Ludero, Zegstia, Ciara, Korzan, Azurai, Rahotep,
    Yan & Yuan, Lucia, Kurewa & Kuraginn
    Selena, Stya, Elimo, Karl, Reeze, Lucina, Vern, Holia, Camilla, Amu Yunos, Isniel, Arsom, Vaisal, Sae, Cotton, Galea, Charlotte, Ilm, Astrid
    Lario, Aniel, Zelnite, Cyan, Estelle, Belhem, Hisui, Mariletta, Baro, Mordlim, Divine Armor, Eriana, Gandrei, Limilnate, Nyala, Faelan, Nimune
    Eze, Weiss, Behemoth, Lafiel, Fizz, Viktor, Cleria, Beiorg, Ky, Jireid, Divine Machine, Marlo, Razak, Draegar
    Atro, Alma, Mila, Lilith XTF, Maxwell, Priscilla, Kira, Fadahl, Layla, Lara, Zekt, Lauda, Garrel, Janice, Diastima, Regil, Elphelt, Divine Dragon, Segrud, Amadream, Arthur, Elysia, Fionna, Carrol, Enile, Raquiel, Vermillion
    Mifune, Madia, Eru, Grahdens, Cardes, Elza, Feeva, Aaron, Reis, Malbelle, Zeal, Kalon, Sonia, Zekuu (ps have absolutely loved Zekuu, enjoy insta wiping arena squads with Ciardha LS) Shion (another favorite was main EXP farmer until Rogilizer) Velma, Dorte, Rezo, Ragina, Ciardha, Zenia, Nyami, Beatrix, Theodor, Acnologia, Zeref, Rogilizer

    Again if you do help me out I will be extremely grateful and I thank you in advance!

    Edit: Just got Haile (Water), Solos (Light), Alan (Light), Lilly Matah (Dark)
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