need help with my squad for the final battle at mildran

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    i alwals get kick out

    mildran - Eternal Temple- Where Souls Slumber

    what for units can i take the best of my list

    FIRE: Infernal Pyre Rugahr(A,O,O), Draconic Emperor Barion(L), Courageous Blade Amus(A), Blazing Emperor Adel(L,B,A,B,G), Blazing Admonition Agnia(L,A,A,A)
    Abyssal Witch Ciara(L), Scorching Sword Reed(B), Sacred Judge Isniel(B,G), Blazing Dragon Lyonesse(B), Brave Leader Alessa(B,A)
    Infernal Pyre Rugahr(A), Draconic Emperor Barion(L), Courageous Blade Amus(A), Blazing Emperor Adel(L,B,A), Blazing Admonition Agnia(L)
    Abyssal Witch Ciara(L), Scorching Sword Reed(B), Sacred Judge Isniel(B,G), Blazing Dragon Lyonesse(B,L), Brave Leader Alessa(B)
    Divine Phoenix(B), Blazing Dawn Owen(L), Fire Goddess Ulkina(L),

    WATER: Great General Zalts(B,L), Torrential Scar Holia(L), Absolute Zero Vern(G), Crystalline Blue Azalea(B) Dark Allure Azami(O,G), Piercing Oath Arsom(L),
    Absolute Zero Vern(G), Crystalline Blue Azalea(B)
    Oceanic Mirror Iris(A), Cosmic Being Amu Yunos(O), Axe God Mariudeth(L), Alluring Empress Savia(B,L) Sage God Melord(A,O), Chain Magister Hugh(L),
    Overflowing Sea Zeleste(O,G), Crystalline Blue Azalea(B,B)
    Sacred Judge Isniel(L), Ocean Conqueror Mega(O), Boreal Courage Karl(L), Aqua Goddess Kuhla(O) Skilled Lance Noah(L), Oceanic Emperor Vaisal(G,O,B),
    Swift Boxer Natasha(B),

    EARTH:Mademoiselle Mariletta(L,L), Deity Ruler Lucca(L), Silva Khopesh Serge(A), Cerulean Grace Eriana(A,G), Bizarre Sight Baro(B), Enki(A), Terra Halcyon Lance(L),
    Eternal Goddess Felice(L), Final Petal Phileine(A,G), Divine Armor(L,G,O,G)
    Gaia Tree Vertri(G), Blade Emperor Zelban(O), Supreme Lawmaker Aneil(G), Ivy Goddess Nalmika(B), Wind Princess Rozalia(G), Victorious General Gyras(L), Viridian Flag Freed(B),
    Boundless Peaks Daros(G,G)

    THUNDER: Roaring Skies Ragra(L,L,G,A), Celestial Plate Beiorg(L,O,G), Furious Thunder Cleria(L), Lightning Speed Lucana(G), Heroic Leader Quaid(O), Inquisitive Soul Rhoa(G), Inquisitive Soul Rhoa(G,A)
    Gracious Champion Licht(G), Colossal Spirit Jireid(O,G,B,G), Tenacious Charge Marlo(B), Effcient Soldier Tatiana(L), Ky(B,G), Sacred Shift Becstain(O), Gaia Bow Lario(O)
    Bolt Phoenix Ardas(L), Empyreal Drake Lodin(A), Roaring Thunder Viktor(O), Auric Echo Eleanor(A)

    LIGHT: Master Sage Solos(G), Glorious Hero Krantz(L), Sacred Purpose Lukroar(G), Gemini of Abomination (B), Oracle Knight Ark(L), Graceful Angel Linasera(L), Ark(O), Creator Maxwell(L),
    Sacred Emperor Sirius(A,A), Paladin Crusader Sodis(B), Sacred Armor Nevsky(B), Sacred Purpose Lukroar(A), Poised Emperor Reseus(G), Empyrean Juno-Seto(A),
    Vexing Monarch Kira(O,O), Glorious Crusader Alyut(B), Sealed God Lucius(L), Celestial Wings Lara (O), Howling Wolf Zekt(A), Brave Emperor Garrel(O), Angelic Star Janice(B),Third Eye Diastima(B),
    Pure General Regil(O), Metal Flower Ionia(B), Glorious Shine Mora(O), Poised Emperor Reseus(A),

    DARK: Imperial Chain Johan(B), Possessed Sea Dirk Rezo(O,L,O), War Maniac Zeek(A), Roaring Empress Sonia(A), Cardes the Malevolent(L),
    Zevalhua the Supreme(L), Beast God Afla Dilith(L), Accursed Calamity Velma(G), Treacherous Graham(L), Vexing Monarch Kira(O),
    Umbra Halcyon Magress (L), Effulgent Dusk Grahdens(L), Necromancer Lilly Matah(L), Sublime Darkness Feeva(L), Dark Destruction Kalon(G),
    Soul Eater Zalvard(B), Disnomian Emperor Shion(A), Dragon Warrior Liomerg(L), Accursed Calamity Velma(A), Death Soul Mizo Dorte(L,O),
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    About 22 days later, so not sure if you've beaten this yet but here goes. This is the team I would use based on the units you listed:
    These are also based on Omni and maxed levels and Imped.

    Leader(s): Either Regil or Zekt
    (for the third part of the fight where you will need to UBB 3 to 5 times, I can't remember how many exactly)
    Amus - Hands down one of the best, if not the best, healer + mitigator in the game. Get all her healing SP's as she covers almost every single healing skill the game offers. You'll end up main slotting her 99% of the time. Me personally? I equipped her with Courage Aegis for extra damage reduction, and Dalstik Phenomenon (Or a really good BB boosting Sphere) so that she ALWAYS has her BB/SBB ready even on turn 1. The only way you can go wrong with her is to not use her at all. Plus she's a waifu, so... <3
    Sirius - Sparks boost BB gauge, plus he can be rather tanky with the right spheres.

    5th Unit:
    Eleanor - for her extra 10% damage reduction SP.
    Freed - To help with OD gauge management (comes in handy in the third part).
    Viktor - Nuker + DoT + Def/Atk reduction for 2 turns. This is pretty useful.
    Lukroar - An overall good unit here. Covers a lot of different buffs.
    Juno-Seto - Her SBB can revive units, which could come in really handy if you are out of Revives, plus she's a decent back up for Amus incase anything goes wrong.

    With this setup you are covering just about all the buffs you need and your survivability should be pretty good too.

    For items make sure you bring:
    Fujin Potions, Fujin Tonics, Revive Lights, Revives (or Crescent Dew), Hero Crystal

    Good Luck!
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