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    I just started last week and I now have a decent bit of higher star units I want to know which ones I should focus on leveling and which to use as my leader.
    Ky (Omni, Lord)
    Zora ( 7*, Anima)
    Marlo (7*, Lord)
    Reddrag (5*, Lord)
    Pamela (5*, Breaker)
    Rugahr (7*, Guardian)
    Malef (7*, Lord)
    Glenn (7*, Anima/Oracle)
    Valen (7*, Breaker)
    Agnia (7*, Anima)
    Phoenix (7*, Breaker)
    Azurai (7*, Lord)
    Vargas (5*, Guardian)
    Zeleste (7*, Anima)
    Vern (7*, Anima)
    Holia (7*, Breaker)
    Asto (7*, Breaker)
    Camilla (7*, Breaker)
    Amu Yunos (7*, Lord)
    Arsom (7*, Oracle)
    Daze (7*, Breaker)
    Rozalia (7*, Lord)
    Lanza (7*, Lord/Anima)
    Daros (7*, Lord)
    Phileine (7*, Breaker)
    Barvars (7*, Lord)
    Lara (7*, Breaker)
    Izuna (7*, Guardian)
    Janice (7*, Anima)
    Diastima (7*, Breaker)
    Layla (5*, Lord)
    Kalon (7*, Breaker/Guardian/Anima)
    Gregor (7*, Anima/Breaker)
    Mifune (5*, Breaker)
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    You need to build a team of 7 stars and try to get mecha gods as soon as possible, for omnis. For this purpose, almost every unit you have is good enough. Remember to push through quests, and try to not use gems for anything unless it's extremely necessary. I'd expand inventory/units slots a bit, and not summon anything else for now. You can save about 300 gems with this method.
    I'd make this team for general content:
    Ky (technically a frree omni, good for sparks)
    Phoenix (good thanks to its KO resistance, attacks and restores HP)
    Zeleste [Leader] (spark, critical, probable ignoring foe's DEF)
    Daros (you can choose this as Leader if you find a strong boss which gives you lots of damage; also, negates malus if Lead)
    Kalon (very good for boosting ATK)

    So, you should try with this team and get them to max level (120), max SBB level, then try farming mecha gods (open on friday/saturday). Then, you might considering starting to evolve other units. For first, try to get a magress as a damage mitigator (you can find him with honor summon), i didn't see one amongst your units.
    Then the others, like Azurai (high adamage), Glenn (for arena squad Leader, he's very good in that), Malef, Zora & Diastima (if you need to inflict status ailments) and in general every other unit that can get omni evolution. Except Mifune, he's good but also frail, despite having omni just after 6 stars and a possible +200% spark damage.

    In general, i'd do this:
    - build the starting team, acquire honor points and use honor summon to get crystals. You can farm honor points easily by repeating the very first quest in Mistral. Fuse crystals and frogs to your team, don't focus on only one of them. Sell golden units for zel. If you're lucky, save a magress.
    - Try doing soul farming ground dungeon for karma: that's important in order to get omni evos. You'll also get tons of exp, just in case if you have low cost and you cannot use all 7 stars units.
    - Once you get that full rainbow 7 stars, go on dungeons - grand gaia chronicles and complete Crusade of the six heroes, you'll get some good spheres to start with.
    - Farm mecha gods on friday/saturday. For first, try to get the ones you current squad need; then, you may consider evolving other units.
    These are the first steps, imho.

    EDIT - in general, your squad needs a DM (damage mitigator), a healer, and other units whose BB/SBB boosts different aspects of combat (such as atk/def, break enemy def, inflict malus, boost BC/HC etc.). Everytime you summon a potential omni, ask yourself if it can help your squad. Later, you'll have to build mono elemental squads and other combinations for specific content (like this dungeon, love never fades, you have to follow some rules/guidelines).
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