Need help with Vrana enhancements

Discussion in 'Units & Squads' started by Kyouta, Sep 11, 2019.

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    Recently got back into the game and was wondering the best enhancements to go for when trying to build nukers in general. Do people focus more on sparks, critical dmg, elements dmg etc.

    Also I just summoned Mageslayer Vrana and im curious what the recommended way to sp build her is. I've heard shes a good nuker but idk a thing about this game and enhancing. I was thinking the 3 purging abilities sounds good and rare to have however idk how affective that would be on bosses. So i dont know if i should get those 3 enhancements or maybe focus on the sbb ones such as crit dmg boost, bb atk boost, atk def rec crit rates boost to thunder types.

    I usually like to have mixed elements squads however i know mono squads seems like a more common thing now so been meaning on trying it out. Even more reason to do so if i do increase her thunder types enhancements. If anyone has good builds for her and would like to send me them id appreciate it a lot. Thanks

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