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Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Eddy5, Aug 14, 2017.

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    So i started playing just some weeks ago and i don't have so good squad And no idea who should i first evolve to Omni. I have summed many times with gems but now i think i should buy item capacity Should i?
    And here Are my units
    :light:Janice ,Garrel
    :thunder:Fizz, Fizz, Zora, Rayla
    :earth:Phileine, Lanza, Rozalia
    :water:Amu Yunos
    :fire:Ciara, Barbara, Rahotep, Vargas
    And I got Six star Selena, Lance And Atro
    Say if you need Full names or more info.
    At the moment i can fit 4 Units But Just say good squad for 5. Do i need seperate squads for arena, raids, And guest?
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    Just ask.
    Lukroar, Shion
    Most veteran players do buy unit and item inventory space upgrades, yes, but how much you need depends on you. There's no easy rule there.

    Unfortunately the units you have are not enough to make a fully-functional self-sufficient squad. You've got a lot of stuff that's heavily geared towards arena, but those units are less useful (though still usable) outside the arena context. Some are also very specialised, e.g. Rahotep is generally used as a mono-fire arena/colosseum squad lead (as in an arena/colosseum squad that contains only fire units), and is rarely used elsewhere.

    The most important unit type you are missing is a 'mitigator'. Think of this as the tank role for this game. In other RPGs, no tank, you're fucked, in this game no mitigator, you're fucked. Thankfully you CAN use a friend slot for this, but in the longer run you do need one of your own, as for some content you cannot use a friend unit. A mitigator casts a particular buff that does 50% dmg reduction/mitigation, i.e. cuts damage taken by your units by half. You need this effect on BB/SBB - a unit with the effect only on UBB is not considered a mitigator, as UBBs are not usually spammable aside from certain specialised builds. Whereas the BB/SBB can be spammed.

    All builds below assume units are max Omni evolution:

    MAIN SQUAD (Quest/Raid/Trial/GGC/etc)
    :earth:Phileine, :fire:Barbara (Phileine/Barbara Lead) + :dark:Zalvard (or Janice), :light:Atro, (reserved space for mitigator)
    - Phileine is your hard content, boss fight leader - it's a tanky LS. Barbara is your easier content lead (it's a damage dealing LS).
    Phileine also handles your heals, she does ailment removal on BB, she does heal over three turns on BB, she does direct heal on SBB. She also does stat buffs that stack with Atro's basic stat buffs.
    - Barbara for spark dmg buff. Garrel can also be used for this but Garrel has some light-specific buffs that don't help you much unless you take say Janice instead of Zalvard. But you may want Barbara LS anyway.
    - Zalvard for crit buffs, but more importantly his UBB which does 80% chance that units don't die when killed - cast this early as a safety net and recast if the buff is triggered on any units. Janice has the same effect. For regular raid (not guild raid, ordinary raid) you may want to swap Zalvard for Janice, as crit is cancer in raids (fucks up drops if doing AOE dmg vs crit resist boss body parts).
    - Atro for base atk/def/rec buff to stack with Philene. Also SP Atro for BB fill when squad is damaged, and possibly also status ailment cleanse (as Philene's ailment removal is only on her BB not SBB, I think)
    - last slot for a mitigator when you get one

    Regular Arena, Colo Atk: :thunder:Fizz (Lead) + :light:Janice, :dark:Zalvard, :earth:Lanza, :water:Selena
    - alternatively use Janice/Lanza as squad lead for ABP/CBP bonus, although aside from the bonus Janice/Lanza are more defensive in nature
    Colo Def: :light:Janice, :earth:Lanza, :dark:Zalvard (Janice/Lanza/Zalvard lead) + :water:Selena, (choice of unit - probably Fizz?)
    - on defense, Zalvard LS is strong but lacks ABP/CBP bonus, so you may want Janice or possibly Lanza as lead
    - this squad build assumes Janice/Zalvard/Lanza/Selena have their angel idol KO resist effects, which may require SP or in Selena's case her GGC Lexida sphere

    Regarding mitigators - in the current rate up gates, :thunder:Khepratum and :dark:Keres are mitigators, though I'm not sure those gates are necessarily worth it, I'm just, y'know, saying...
: squad help

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