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Discussion in 'Frontier Hunter & Frontier Gate' started by RTenjo, Jul 28, 2017.

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    Ive been looking at other peoples middle FH scores and seem to get REALLY high points. As for me, idek how im not able to reach that with the units i have. What i did was get units who have the highest buffs required (BB Atk, Crit Damage, Spark Damage, Stat Boosts) in which gives me this squad,
    Ragra: The Nuker
    Shion: All Element Buffer + Stat Boost
    Laresa: High BB Damage Boost (550%) + Stat Convert (100% Atk, Def Relative to recovery) and fire stat boost
    Natalame: Double BB buffer + Spark Damage (160%) + fire crit buff
    Zeleste: Spark On BC + Spark damage and Crit damage LS

    All this gives me up to +400 mil

    Although when i compare with others its like....BILLIONS.
    So basically im just asking anyone who think can probably give ma a much better squad i can create with whatever units i have so far
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    That's not how we build an FH squad, and you haven't given enough data for anyone to build an optimum FH squad for you (I'll explain why down below). :(

    As I cannot give you a sample squad, here is some generic advice.

    First, an FH squad's either gonna be straight up auto or it's gonna be guard frontier.
    A lot of high scorers are gonna be using the guard frontier strat, but that takes forever per run (specifically, takes about 15-30 minutes for each FH orb use). Some people hybridise, and go guard frontier for some runs to get score up, then use auto runs to maintain. A guard frontier squad needs a non-damaging BB or SBB unit (ideally with some BB fill), and it needs a crit UBB. The non-damaging unit sits around casting BB/SBB while everyone else guards, when OD is charged up you cast the UBB and everyone else's SBB. You repeat this on each stage. A straight auto build is just auto.

    Second, middle isn't necessarily gonna give you the best points anymore, because middle contribution to FH total points was hard nerfed a long time ago.
    Depending on squad setup running middle might still net more points, or you might want to be running end or terminus, it really depends on the performance of your own squad, and you really ought to be checking to see what works best for you. One reason why middle is popular is because middle fits guard frontier strat better - in Terminus and End it is possible for enemy units to kill off your squad while you sit there guarding like an idiot. It doesn't mean middle is the better thing to run for everyone.

    Third, choice of lead skill - a guard frontier squad does not need 2x crit dmg leaders, because generally a crit UBB will cap crit dmg. An auto squad will want own crit dmg lead and friend crit dmg lead. Zeleste lead is an okay choice. Not popular, but in theory it should be fine. But more popular choices would be stuff like Avant, Eerikki, Gregor, even Kira, looking at your available units.

    Fourth, choice of squad members - and here is where your existing squad doesn't meet the grade, because it's not really about covering buffs at the highest possible level, it's about getting the core buffs you need (element add, spark dmg, crit rate, crit dmg) and ensuring your squad sparks well. There are two reasons why - first, sparking equals damage, and second, FH point score is partially derived from number of sparks you get. For example, Ragra is considered kinda shit for FH because she has very low hit count, which means very few sparks, which means...

    Fifth, lack of duplicate squad members - this ties back to the above point. It's recommended that an FH build contain not just one nuke unit, but at least two identical nuke units - dupes of the same unit. Why? Because you want your two nuke units to spark perfectly with each other. This is why the screenshot you have provided is inadequate, as you have listed only Omni units, and obviously you've only raised 1x of each Omni. I suspect it is very possible that you may have kept several lower evo dupes of a unit, but since you've not listed them, I don't know if you happen to have, say, another Lauda, or whatever really.

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