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    Hello my audience, I am Blaze, and I have something to say: For now, I'll begin to make reviews based on my options for this. And no, I didn't do this by myself. I am inspired by Ushi to do it. So, starting now, I'll try to be more active here, at Brave Frontier Forum. Anyway, I will make reviews starting the Global Exclusive Unit, Adriesta. This will be based on Art Design(Sorry, it's important!! No complaint!!), Lore(Including all of it), LS, BB, SBB, UBB, ES, SP, Frontier Gate, Frontier Hunt, Raids, Quests, Trials, Arena, Colosseum, and finally, the overall. I will use the letter(S-Overpowered, A-Important, B-Amazing, C-Okay. D-Nah, but just keep it, F- SCREW THAT, IMA GONNA SELL!!
    I'll only do review on Global units now, not Japan Units.

    Okay, first things first, I will including all of Adriesta-senpai's info, including Art Design.


    Name: Scourgemistress Adriesta
    Rarity: Omni
    Hit Count: 18
    Dropcheck: 54 I believe
    Fervor, resolve, and courage were the words that Adriesta was known by as she learned the arts of witch-hunting at the Imperial Academy. There, the young orphan quickly grasped the nuances of warfare, eventually becoming the youngest living member to attain the rank of Master Witch Hunter. With a keen eye and an uncompromising nature, her exploits in battling the demonic forces plaguing the land soon spread far and wide. Some said that it had gone too far, and too wide, but she paid it no heed. Yet soon, an unexpected turn of events found her becoming swollen with child. Despite her initial objections, she soon warmed up to the idea of motherhood. On the day of her childbirth, however, a dark presence penetrated her wards and killed everyone else before ripping her child from its womb. The last thing she remembered was the pain and the blood before the darkness claimed her...which made her awakening on Fuindor's shores a total oddity. As she arose, the Fuinsignum on her pelvis pulsed with a fiery light. Before she could inspect it, though, a horde of demons emerged from the island, howling for battle and flesh.
    Fervor, resolve, and courage were the values that Adriesta clung to in her newfound life. Death's hold on her no longer existed, as she woke over and over again on Fuindor's shores after every excruciating demise. Every death--whether it was by rending claw, acid spit, searing fire or crushing limbs--ended in the same way. She arose whole and unharmed the next day, her Fuinsignum dully burning against her skin in the morning dawn. At first, she wondered why she was given this "gift." Was it a sick joke by some half-forgotten god? Or was there a more sinister plan at work? Fragments of her old life flashed before her eyes, yet they seemed to slip away with each new sunrise. Soon, the only thing that drove her forward was the memory of the demon that robbed her of her child. It would pay for the slight, no matter how many times she had to walk through a blood-soaked hell to find it. Oh, how it would pay.
    LS: Bloodflame Baptism
    50% Boost to max HP, hugely boost Spark Damage(100% when reaches 15 Sparks) for 2 turns when Sparks has exceeded certain amount, Spark Damage boost BB gauge(2-3 BC Fills on BB) and negates elemental Damages.
    BB: Pyreflame Hurricane
    22 combo powerful Fire and Thunder attack on all foes(370% Multiplier Damage), largely boosts own Spark Damage(50%) for 3 turns, and Spark Damage boost BB gauge(2-3 BC Fill on Spark) and restores HP(600-800 HP restores on Spark) for 3 turns.
    SBB: Sorcery-Consuming Flame
    30 combo powerful Fire and Thunder attack on all foes(580% Multiplier Damage), hugely boosts ATK(160%+) and DEF(160%+) for 3 turns, boost ATK relatives to DEF(70% Boost ATK based on DEF) for 3 turns, Spark Damage boost BB gauge(2-3 BC fill on Spark) for 3 turns and adds probable
    (20% chances) 1 turn ATK, DEF(-20%) reduction effect to attack for 3 turns.
    UBB: Crematory Oubilette
    40 combo massive Fire and Thunder elemental attack on all foes(1500% Multiplier Damage), enormously boost ATK(300%) and DEF(300%) for 3 turns, enormous ATK and DEF reduction(-90 both) for 3 turns, 50% elemental Reduction for 3 turns and activates Thunder Barrier(25,000 HP+).
    ES: Daemones Malleus Infinitium
    100% Boost to DEF and Spark damage when Spark count exceeds certain amounts(15 Spark requirement)
    A. (10) - 20% Boost to ATK and REC
    B. (10) - 20% Boost to DEF, max HP
    C. (20) - 100% max Boost to ATK and DEF relatives to remaining HP(Boost when lost a health)
    D. (20) - 80% Boost to Spark Damage
    E. (50) - Adds Thunder Barrier(3000 HP+) to SBB
    F. (30) - Enchances SBB's ATK relatives to DEF (+10%)
    G. (30) - Enchances BB/SBB Boost during Spark Effect (+1)
    H. (50) - Enchances ATK and DEF Boost Effect (+20%)
    I. (40) - Allow UBB Buffs to last for 4 turns

    -Character Design: S
    It's very amazing and sexy. So Sexy. And I guess Gumi must have overdid themselves for this. Adding a hat, a sword, and a gun, it is absolutely better than just a basic sword, which i assure you, is kinda lame enough. And the gun? It looks so astoundingly familiar to me... Ravenna has that kind of gun before, did she? Well, I think Adriesta is mostly likely the daughter of Ravenna, or the mother of... Randolph? Well, I don't know that either. But let's get back to it. I like how Gumi did the same theme of Witch Hunter as they did on Ravenna and Randolph. It just... suits her very well. What's better, is her sword with design behind her. That's definitely better than I thought. But the most important of all, she's so... beautiful, just like you see the balmy day with rabbits and whatevas.

    -Lores: A
    Those three words are fervor, resolve, and courage. I love how they are all including in one unit. And for Lore... Well, just a bad ending for her as a 7* unit, but a really brutal end for her too as an Omni. Why? Because on her Omni Lore, she was granted a endless revival by someone, which I really hate, and of course, it's very suffering. So. Suffering. Oh well... That's all. But getting revenge on that demon who stole her baby... that's....(sniffing) so... like family-related loved things..... It's very sweet, as to how she would do anything to killed that demons. That's one thing I mostly admires about it.

    -Leader Skill: A
    So, we have a Spark unit. I was expecting that she was going to be a Critical Buffer with new buffs, but nope. It's SPARKY. Maybe I should curse Sparky for changing her buffs to what Sparky wants? Anyway, let's get back into the topic. She's a Fire Zero. She has 50% boost to max HP, Boost Spark Damage when number of spark are being exceeds, boost BB for each Spark, and negates elemental damage. Well, HP boost is good, but not the best. We have a lot of Omni such as Krantz, Avant, you name it with 60%. But, 50% isn't a bad one, isn't it? So it's okay with that. BB boost for each Spark, that's very nice to have something to supports your BB. And.... the Elemental Negation... Nice. Now we don't need a elemental negation buff, unless our enemy has a LS Lock(Very badly, if our enemy hit hard), so yeah, it will come very handy for it. But the last one, which is boost Spark Damage when spark has exceeds certain amount for 2 turns. 100%? needs 15 Sparks? Sirius-ly? Bullshit. That went the same for Zero though. But oh well... that can't be help after all. But the differences between Zero and Adriesta is, Zero has Spark Boost(no turns), while Adriesta has BB boost per Spark and Elemental Negation. If you want to go for Offensive, go for Zero. He's a better roles in Damages than her. But for Defensive, maybe I'd recommended Adriesta for this, as a LS?

    BB: A
    Alright, so here we are. Adriesta-Senpai has own Spark Boost, BB/HP recovery per Spark. That's all? Sirius-ly? GUMI!!! WHY YOU MAKE HER SO BAD?!? MAKE HER BETTER THAN FUCKING AVANT!!(Uhh, no, I like Avant. He's in my inventory.) Anyway, there's one thing that got me interested. BB/HP recovery per Spark. I liked that. That's like, adding 1 by 1 to get 2. And her BB hit count is high, but not as high as Elza, Zel, etc. So, that means it will help units such as Gravion(Not sure if people use him now, but he's now sitting in my unit inventory, doing nothing as a 4* XD) get theier BB gauges full. However, I'm not really sure if that buff will help against single enemy after all. They say, two is better than one. Yeah, I have to agree with it. Finally, her buff may look like crappier than Zero, but if you took the SP, one of her buff is the best in the game, I say.

    SBB: S
    Look at it. It looks like an average Omni, with a set of ATK/DEF boost, DEF -> ATK, ATK/DEF Down, and last, the BB fill/Spark buff. Again, BB fill/Spark looks better, but with SP, overly better. Now for her buffs, awesome. Just. Astoundingly Amazing. But the setback is, the ATK/DEF reduction proc. rates. It's low, so it's not very reliable but since people always use SBB most often, oh well. Now it's reliable XD. Anyway, she has a nice set of ATK and DEF collection, all the best, without SP, but this time, with SP, she has the best ATK/DEF boost and DEF -> ATK buff in the game right now. Without it, it's just 160% Boost, and 70%, but with it, now it's 180% and 80%. That's a tad bit OP now. Thanks, Gumi!! Also, speaking of SP, she has Thunder Barrier(3000) which is really awesome, but the problem is, it's not the best, since we have someone that have 4000 HP barrier such as Ark, I think?

    UBB: A
    It's not very much, I'm afraid so. My guess is that People will not use her UBB for stuff but use it for fun. That can't be helped. Anyway, she has ATK/DEF Boost, a ATK/DEF reduction, elemental resistence, and a Thunder Barrier. Well, there's one best for her: Thunder Barrier. It has 25,000 HP, which is now the best in the game, same as someone I can't remember which. Anyway, her UBB is okay, even with 4 turns from her SP. But Thunder Barrier and Elemental Resistance is better, along with ATK/DEF Boost. For ATK/DEF reduction, I'm not really sure about that buffs, and I think it might be useful in case the enemy has a ultimate moves that wiped you out, not a fixed damage, or a buff wipe attack?

    ES: A
    That ES is kinda... a little insanely OP. I mean it. 100% Boost to DEF AND SPARK damge per 15 sparks? seriously? That's Cool!! No turn requirement!! That's more better for her, making her even tankier when you combine it with DEF Ignoring Negation LS or Buff. but the throwback is, it requires 15 sparks to activates it, and I'm sure it'll take her 2 turns to activate it, or more, depending on the player.

    SP: A
    Well, her sets of SP is outbeating, except that she can't beat Zero in terms of damage. Or any Spark Buffer Unit. Eze might laugh his butt off. But the best thing is, C, E, F, G, and H. They have already makes her OP, in terms of buffs, not damages. You could say she's going to be very useful for Quest or something. Pretty much. And for D, it looks okay, but well, she's not very ace in Spark stuff, even though she has 250% Boost to Spark Damage if you add up her LS, ES, and her BB altogether. Adding up, that makes 330% Spark Damage Boost, but still, Eze or Zero is better in terms of damage because of the Spark Critical buff on their BB/SBB. And also, there's too many Spark Buffer in the game, making her D unreliable. And I want to say: I don't really recommended this much since there's too many Spark Buffer after all. (By the way, I decided not to including the Best SP Build Possible because, well, I'm too lazy to figure it out.) Anyway, there are some throwback for E. because just like Lance, it is only there on SBB. BB? This is bad...

    Frontier Gate: A
    Well, I have to say, but her buff is like an average buff in the Frontier Gate. I'd not recommended her LS, but her as a Sub is better. With BB/Spark, sets of ATK and DEF stuffs and Barrier(SP), yes. This helps mostly when you're facing a Earth unit that is like, BOOM, BOOM, I AM EARTHY EZE, IM GONNA DESTROY YOU, THUNDA BUDDY!!! Don't worry, that thing can't kill you if you have barrier with it. Only if you have enough BB to make it full XD. Anyway, her set of BB/SBB is okay with this thing, and maybe useful in the Endless Frontier?

    Frontier Hunt: Eh, it's C.
    Why C? Because all Hunt needs is MASSIVE DAMAGE. AVANT SAID IT, and welp, he accidentally destroyed the frontier hunt. Anyway, the only one thing that make her okay to use is ATK/DEF, ATK relatives to DEF, and maybe DEF reduction? That's all. I guess she's a selfish unit. And oh, that including Own Spark Damage. And her LS... SUCKS on Frontier Hunt. That's all.

    Raids: A
    Eh, her LS is okay, just Average, but not the best. The best one has to have a Crit. Damage, Spark, and BB ATK boost to be the best. But her as a SUB is better than LS. Using her buffs to support the team. But one thing: her BB fill/Spark is kinda useless and useful. Useless when face multiple boss. Useful when facing Single Boss. That's all. And I doubt that players will use her as a LS, and maybe a Sub.

    Quest: S
    Yep. She may be a bad leader, but her set is better for Quest Pretty much. And now, I'm tired XD. Anyway, she is a very great supporting unit, and I think she is made to support her allies or make her powerful herself, but that can't be helped. And I think she might be a common Sub or not.

    Trial: B
    Not much. Her LS is a little too useless for trial as there is too many single enemy, and then summon stuff such as Rainbow Goddess Trial. But here's what make her useful: just ATK/DEF set. She's off better with them more than that, and yes, that including her UBB and Thunder Elemental Barrier as it's going to be useful when facing Earth such as Lugina, Felice, etc. And I can't think of something good she has.

    Arena: C
    Well, part of her leader skill is way too useless, and part of it is okay. But her BB/SBB set can be okay(ATK/DEF sets) except for BB fill/Spark. I mean, there rarely is any spark on Arena. Speaking of spark, too bad her OP ES is useless. But she has a AoE BB/SBB with ATK/DEF sets that can kill all in one burst. So, she's just an amateur on Arena. Mifune really did dab as he still is OP forever...

    Colosseum: C
    Same here for the Arena I'm afraid so. But what's being rolled by a dice? Yes, her SBB buff. It's enough to stop Mifune from killing 'round the Arena as if he don't care!!

    1.) S
    2.) A
    3.) A
    4.) A
    5.) S
    6.) A
    7.) A
    8.) A
    9.) C
    10.) A
    11.) S
    12.) B
    13.) C
    14.) C
    Overall Rate: A, It's a Amazing Unit.
    Overall, she's a ATK/DEF badass girl. I can't argue with her but she really is. And she has the best buff in the game for now(ATK/DEF boost, ATK relatives to DEF, BB fill/Spark)

    Best Type: Guardian or Breaker mostly > Anima > Oracle > Lord
    Please remember that this is my opinion. And Welp, she's worthy enough if you want to have the best buffs in the game, and worthy in a collection.

    That is all. I am looking forward to seeing new units soon in Global!!

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