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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Shadow286, May 22, 2018.

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    I am returning to the game after what must be a good year of hiatus or longer. Thus I decided to go on a summoning spree and try to put together a team. But a issue arose when I for the life of me can”t understand what role a each new would best fit for what purpose and how to set what sp set up to use .I use to watch ushi gaming for such indo but By now anything I knew is what Im guessing is next to useless. So I am asking for any help for just a standard team that could work for the on most quests/ trials. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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    in no particular order: wintia, leo whitefang, allanon, roglizer, blaze, amus, azurai, ilm, faelan, mordred, erza scarlet, millia, daltisk, and natsu are all pretty good units to work on.

    thunder vortex arena is coming up soon, so it would be good to try to focus on omni boosting your thunder units. mordred, erza scarlet, millia, daltisk would put together a pretty good team.. the fifth unit would have to be very carefully selected to best compliment the other four.. honestly im still intermediate so I'd really have to carefully pour through the buffs the four provide in order to figure out who the best fifth would be to compliment that squad. But, mordred is one of the absolute best units in the game, and you absolutely must get caliburn and photon spear to best optimize him. that means spamming the crap out of legends of neo avalon (lvl 3 or 4) for a total of 100 photon bots.

    after thunder VA comes a kind of light unit cycle, with frontier hunter essentially offering bonuses for a good mono light squad, and light vortex arena

    wintia is lovely for arena and colo, with her mitigation, ko res, and huge abp and cbp boost.

    blaze and azurai are also great units for colo, as well as erza scarlet.

    you have a lot of good units and there's a ton of work to be done upgrading them all. there's also a lot of units you can probably throw away for merit points.

    as far as building a squad.. well, that is always difficult to advise because the specific area of content you are working on has a major bearing on your squad composition.

    you have a HUGE amount of potential with your roster, assuming they don't keep releasing units that over power the current metas.

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