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Discussion in 'Units & Squads' started by Zex, Sep 11, 2017.

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    Hey guys! I came back to Brave Frontier about a month ago, and I spent a lot of time getting myself up to date with content. Although I've seen to hit the wall when it comes to squad building. I was able to beat all the trials before omnis came out (so I need to work on the Genius Trial) and I've hit the wall with Karna Masta. Any help in building a squad would be great!

    Not all units are at their max, but I would be more than happy to level them up if it means getting me to where I need to be.

    :fire: Vargas (L), Lava (A), Michele (B), Darvanshel (B), Owen (L), Arus (A), Ruby (A), Bestie (A), Griff (L), Avant (B), Lyonesse (B), Barbara (G), Valen (G), Ciara (A), Ultor (L), Azurai (A), Claire (B)

    :water: Selena (A), Karl (L), Colt (G), Vern (B), Azami (A), Stein (A), Melord (G), Holia (G), Mariela (A), Zalts (G), Amu Yunos (A), Zeleste (G), Divine Wolf (L),

    :earth: Lance (G), Quaid (L), Felice (G), Daze (A), Gyras (A), Lanza (L), Mariletta (G), Daros (G), Phileine (B), Fang (4* L but have Fang to evolve)

    :thunder: Eze (A), Shera (B), Rize (A), Silas (B), Eleanor (A), Ewan (B), Zora (L),

    :light: Atro (A), Sefia (A), Melchio (L), Lilith (A), Layla (A), Lara (A), Garrel (A),

    :dark: Magress (A), Alice (B), Duel-SGX (G), Grahdens (L), Lily Matah (O), Elza (B), Chrome (A), Sonia (B), Johan (A), Zeek (B)

    Currently in use (some of these units are outdated but I haven't removed them from the manage squad tab):

    :water: Camilla (A), Vikki (B), Ilm (A)

    :earth: Edea (A), Zelnite (B), Hisui (A), Freed (A), Elaina (A)

    :thunder: Cleria (B)

    :light: Sefia (A), Tilith (L), Ark (only 7* L), Zellha (B), Kira (L), Krantz (L), Gabriela (L)

    :dark: Feeva (A), Ivris (A), Shion (A), Semira (L), Hadaron (L), Zenia (G), Keres (B)

    I left out a lot of the 7* units that I never used or at the time were already outdated (ie. wouldn't use Luly over Feeva). I've done most of the GGCs, Main questline til Karna Masta, 100%d only a few of the Grand Gaia quests, and waiting for a better squad to do Trial: Genius Challenge and haven't even touched the Strategy Zones.

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