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    Hey guys,
    So I started like 5 days ago and am kinda overwhelmed with all the new units and stuff (like DBB)
    That makes me unsure which of the units I got so far I should use for my team?

    So far I have planned the following units (added overview to each why I personally assume that they could be good):
    Zodiacal Apex Ophiuchus (+2): So far my Leader, idk yet if it's a good/the best choice; overall in my opinion a helpful unit to get huge damage done with the base attack if the BB doesn't get filled (or emptied from some special enemy units), extra turns (UBB)
    Xenon, Son of Elysia: Mitigator, bosts all stats, increases crit rate, probably the taunt has some uses too, and then there's also the dark barrier
    Void Pasha Ensa-Taya: Increases Spark damage, causes debuffs, BB-Attack boost, also the DBB with Juno-Seto
    Empyrean Juno-Seto (+1): Healer, Mitigation, elemental & critical protection, KO-revive, also the DBB with Ensa-Taya
    Redtail Rebel Feora (+1): A lot of spark damage stuff, evasion

    You can see the rest of my units here: https://imgur.com/a/UnNNmCW

    Thanks for any answers,

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