Squad Help (Strat Zone and Karna Masta)

Discussion in 'Units & Squads' started by iamferax, Oct 29, 2017.

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    Attempted Mildran's infamous final boss a good 20 times already, made it to the last stage several times.. still couldn't manage to beat him, despite having all these decent units.. I might be doing something wrong squad-wise please help.. :mad:

    Also if you could, please help me make my Strategy Zone squad, i'm still quite confused with the general mechanics :rofl:

    Heres the list of units that I think are worthy of mentioning:
    :fire:: Kulyuk(O), Owen(7), 3 Azurais(O), 2 Glenns(O), Lyonesse(O), Malef(O),
    :earth:: 2 Mordlims(O), Baro(O), Rosalia(O), Lugina(7), Mariletta(O), Divine Armor(O), Lance(O), Gyras(O)
    :water:: Elimo(O), Melord(O), Holia(O), Mariella(O), Isniel(O), Zeleste(O), Hugh(O), Colt(O), Selena(O)
    :thunder:: Cleria(O), Beiorg(O), 2 Ragra(O), Paris(7)
    :light:: Lukroar(O), Sirius(O), Linasera(O), Ionia(O), Lauda(O)
    :dark:: Shion(O), Zalvard(O), Zeek(O),Lily Matah(O), Velma(O)

    The squad I tried using for Karna Masta:
    :light:Lukroar(Lead), :water:Elimo, :light:Ionia, :dark:Shion, :thunder:Cleria
    P.S. I have tried many different combinations but this one made it the farthest which was the 30% mark on KM's final form.

    Thanks in advance for your help I appreciate it very much ;):):p:D
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    I'd say :thunder:Cleria, :dark:Sean, :dark:Lily Matah, :water:Elimo/:earth:Mordlim, and Choice
    Cleria I think is a better lead for this since she can heal you up and gives BC/hit on just LS. Including both Sean and Lily helps you get double ODinsta to help you out in stage 3. You have to use 3 UBBs so having two ODinstas will help out a lot, not to mention that Sean's UBB fills your OD gauge.

    For SZs it really depends if you want to cheese but the squad above would be a good start, and just fill in units that have similar roles for the last few slots to help maintain good buff diversity when you switch. Is there a specific SZ you want help with?

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