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    Welcome to the new and updated guide to squad building in BF! (As of August December 2016)

    This guide will be split into 3 sections:

    1. Terminology & Buffs
    2. How to Build a Squad
    3. FAQ

    Please read the FAQ before asking questions.

    I also recommend reading through the "General guidelines when asking for help" at the very bottom of this guide before posting a thread asking for squad help. Following them will give you the best chance of having your squad help thread answered in a timely and satisfying manner. (y)

    Section 1: Terminology & Buffs

    General terms:

    BF: Brave Frontier

    OE: Omni Evo
    DE: Dream Evo, which is what Omni Evo's are called in the original Japanese version of Brave Frontier
    8*: Omni Evo

    LS: Leader Skill
    ES: Extra Skill
    Elgif: Cute little critters that will give your units another extra skill when fused to your units

    BB: Brave Burst
    SBB: Super Brave Burst
    UBB: Ultimate Brave Burst

    HP: Hitpoints
    ATK: Attack
    DEF: Defense
    REC: Recovery

    BC: Battle Crystals (fills BB gauge)
    HC: Heart Crystals (heals your units)

    DC: Drop check. More drop checks means more chances to obtain BC and HC. Very important for lower rarity units due to their difficulty in filling BB/SBB gauges but an afterthought for higher rarity ones since many have good DC values. Drop check is not the same as hit count, units usually have more than one DC per hit.

    ST: Single Target
    AOE: Area of effect (affects all enemies on the screen)

    DMG: Damage

    RNG: Random Number God/Generator. A general term used by BF players to refer to luck, either ingame or when it comes to summoning units.

    Dupe: Duplicate units. BF has no limit-breaking system where you fuse copies of the same unit to make them stronger. You only need 1 copy to completely max out a unit. Squads for hard content have no use for dupes. However, keeping dupes can be useful for arena (see below) and FH/FG (nukers such as Eze or Rize).

    KO: Knock-out. In game, it’s basically the same thing as a unit’s HP being reduced to 0 and being marked as ‘dead.’

    Auto: Auto-battle

    OD: Overdrive.

    EWD: Elemental Weakness damage

    Status Ailments: Collectively refers to Curse (unit cannot use BB or fill BB gauges), Paralysis (unit cannot act), Poison (damage over time), Sickness (decreases REC), Injury (decreases ATK) and Weakness (decreases DEF)

    Debuffs: Collectively refers to ATK/DEF down (written as "chance of ATK/DEF reduction" in game text), BB atk down, and decreased BB gauge fill rate. If a negative effect done to you is not one of the six status ailments above, it’s a debuff.

    Fujins: Refers to Fujin Potions and Tonics. One of the most useful items. Completely fills a unit’s BB/SBB gauge.


    Tristat buff: Any buff that simultaneously boosts ATK, DEF and REC

    ATK/DEF convert buff: Any buff that boosts ATK or DEF based on another stat (e.g. "boost ATK relative to HP")

    +Hitcount buff: Any buff that increases a unit’s hitcount (written as "raises normal hit count" or "raises normal hit amount", etc). This has no effect on BB/SBB damage but will either double (+1 hitcount) or triple (+2 hitcount) your unit’s normal attack damage. Note that BB/SBB +hitcount buffs will not result in increased BB gen, but +hitcount gained from ES or LS will increase BB gen (by increasing the drop check of the normal attacks).

    BB atk buff/ BB mod : Increases the BB/SBB/UBB modifier of your units. Results in more damage. Like an ATK buff, but only applies to BB/SBB/UBB and not normal attacks.

    Spark damage: Boosts damage done on spark, when two units hit the enemy monster(s) at exactly the same time.

    HoT: Heal over time. Used primarily to counter DoT (damage over time).

    DoT: Damage over time. Often written in unit BB/SBBs as “additional attack at turn’s end.”

    Burst heal: One-time heal that restores a larger amount of HP. Written as “greatly restores HP”, but can be also written as “restores HP on hit.” This second type works the same way and heals the same amount as a typical burst heal except that it is done in small increments as the unit attacks and lands hits on your enemies. The heal amount is not affected by damage or the number of hits done.

    HP/Heal when Attacked: Chance of recovering HP when a boss hits you. It’s a rather minor source of healing.

    Ares buff: BB gauge fill rate buff, alternatively written as “BC efficacy.”

    AI or Angel Idol: Often written in unit info as “Adds resistance to 1 KO”. Named after the crafted items in the Synthesis building, this is an ability characterized by a unit being able to a resist a KO once, making them immortal for 1 turn until the buff wears off. For the turn when the buff is active, that unit will not fall below 1 HP no matter how much damage they take. Angel idol comes in two types: One that always activates the moment a unit falls below 20% HP and another type which has a fixed chance of being activated (usually 40-50% chance).

    Mitigation: Written in unit info as "reduces damage taken" or "damage reduction". This buff is usually required in harder content.

    Other terms:

    Power Creep: A phenomenon where units released tend to be stronger than the previous ones. BF originally started with 5* as max rarity. As of November 2016, the max rarity is OE (8*) units, and it could get higher than that in the future...

    BB gen: BB generation. Your capacity to fill your units’ BB/SBB gauges.

    Guard: Activated by swiping downwards in battle. Cuts damage taken by half.

    Nuker: General term for units that individually deal a lot of damage. There are two types of nukers: units who have a high BB/SBB modifier (usually above 700%) and “spark nukers.” Spark nukers are OE units whose SP options increase their BB atk/spark damage allowing them to deal high damage. The most well known spark nuker is Eze, who is capable of considerable damage output (despite his average BB mod) due to his SP options increasing his spark damage.

    Healer: Any unit that has heals. This primarily refers to units with heal over time and burst heal as they are the primary source of healing in the squad.

    Mitigator: Any unit who has mitigation, written in game as "reduce damage taken" or "50% damage reduction" buff, on BB/SBB. Can reduce damage taken by half on a BB/SBB cast. Mitigation (or damage reduction) effects can also be found on UBBs and lead skills, but you want a unit with it on BB/SBB so the buff can be cast every turn. 5*/6*/7* units can only reduce damage taken for1 turn, which is why it’s essential to give the mitigators spheres which allows them to BB/SBB every turn. Failure to do so will wipe out your squad due to overwhelming damage or force you to guard until your mitigator can BB/SBB again.

    Omni units have mitigators that can reduce damage taken for up to 2 turns. This is essential or extremely convenient in OE based content.

    General buff tier list for questing and hard content:

    Essential (must have):
    • Mitigation
    • HoT
    • Burst Heal
    • Protection against status ailments - Cleanse or negate status ailments

    Preferably both kinds of status ailment protection should be present in squad, but one will usually suffice. Cleanse is more versatile, while status ailment negation is more auto-friendly. Having cleanse alone can make it more difficult to use items (since you must use your items before using any BB/SBBs, which can be problematic if a unit you want to UBB + fujin is cursed and you have no holy waters to cure them). Having negate status ailments alone will make your squad vulnerable to bosses who buff wipe and inflict status ailments.

    Also, make sure to equip your cleansers with spheres that negate status ailments if their ES doesn’t do it for them. Some bosses love to inflict AOE paralysis/curse.

    Extremely useful (high priority):

    • BB atk/mod buff
    • Spark damage buff
    • Atk convert buff
    • Atk buff (or tristat buff)

    • Def convert buff
    • Def/Rec buff (or tristat buff)
    • Barrier
    • 75% mitigation UBB

    BB management
    • BB on hit
    • BB gauge fill rate
    • BC on spark
    • BC/HC drop rate buffs

    “Core” buffs are split into three categories: offensive, defensive and BB management. In addition to the essential buffs above, this the checklist of buffs you want to have in any squad that tackles hard content.

    Useful (medium priority):

    • Crit rate buff (still somewhat useful in general as some bosses are resistant to increases in crit damage but not crit rate)
    • Crit damage buff (only useful in content that is not crit resistant)
    • Increased damage dealt to enemies afflicted with status ailments
    • Adds all elements to attack (or just a few elements)
    • +Hitcount buff
    • EWD buff (niche, but it’s a powerful buff when it works. Only applies to a unit’s base element, not ones added via other buffs)
    • Attack/Defense buffs for a specific element (ex: Garrel's atk/def buffs that only affect light units)

    • Crit damage null/negation
    • EWD null/negation (only applies to a boss' base element, not ones added via other buffs)
    • Heal when attacked
    • Heal on Spark
    • HP boost
    • Negates ATK/DEF/REC reduction
    • Elemental mitigation (reduces damage taken from certain elements, stacks multiplicatively with regular 50% mitigation. Has a minor effect but anything helps when you're faced with a hard hitting boss)
    • 100% mitigation UBB (written as “enormously reduces damage taken”, but check on BF wiki or BF PRO unit guide to make sure as 75% mitigation UBBs are written similarly)

    BB management
    • BB fill/turn (ex: fills 7 BC over 3 turns)
    • BB fill (ex: fills 10 BC)
    • Boost BC/HC/item drop rate on spark

    • OD fill
    • OD fill rate
    • Status ailment infliction (Curse/Paralysis/Poison/Weakness/Injury/Sickness)
    • Status ailment infliction when attacked
    • Adds status ailments to attack (squad wide buff)
    • Item drop rate
    • Stealth(?)
    • Taunt(?)

    Useful buffs that you should try to include, but don’t stress if you can’t fit them into your squad. Taunt and Stealth are buffs that fall somewhere between this category and the one below. They are rare buffs that can trivialize some stages but can also make your life harder on others. Stealth units are immune to some boss attacks such as Kalon’s life conversion, but they can also mess up nuke targeting on other bosses, causing them to hit random units when it should be predictable. Taunt units can be valuable in soaking up damage, but they also severely skew your BC gen from BB on hit towards themselves, which can leave your other units starved of BC if you don’t have many other BC gen buffs present to compensate.

    Afterthoughts (low priority):

    • Spark Vulnerability
    • Spark Crit
    • DEF down
    • DEF ignore

    • ATK down
    • Angel idol
    • HP drain
    • Damage reflect
    • Shield (exclusive to Tridon)
    • Damage reduction on Guard
    • Heal on guard
    • Chance to revive dead units

    BB management:
    • BB fill on guard
    • iBB/iSBB (infinite BB/SBB) - written as ‘fills own BB/SBB gauge to max’

    Don’t worry about including these buffs. They can be useful, but have a minor effect in most content. Tridon’s shield is known to be very buggy and doesn’t interact well with barriers. In fact, while the two buffs will stack, Tridon’s shield will nerf the effect of the barrier. For that reason, it is strongly recommended to avoid using barrier units with Tridon.

    Section 2: How to Build A Squad

    Generally speaking, the meta in BF nowadays revolves around stacking as many buffs as possible into a single squad. LS, ES, UBB and BB/SBB buffs all stack together. However, BB/SBB buffs of the same type don’t stack with each other. Having two units with BB atk buffs in squad, for example, will result in the latest buff overwriting the earlier one. Your goal in terms of squad building is to examine which buffs your units have on their BB and SBB and form a squad consisting of units with the largest diversity in buffs with the least amount of overlap.

    With OE units, some overlap is inevitable given how many buffs they have. However, some overlap is acceptable if you can get all of the major buffs covered. Use friend units either for a beneficial LS, to provide buffs not present in your squad or both.

    Note that BB fill, OD fill and burst heal are exceptions in that duplicate buffs can stack and occasionally be beneficial.

    Note: The sample squads below are meant to be a guideline, NOT to portray the best squad you can possibly have. As more units are released, the possibilities of which units you can use to assemble an excellent squad of a certain type become endless. Always focus on building squads around the units you have and what friends you have available. Squad building in BF is not focused on imitating the squads used by people to clear hard content, but making sure that you have all the buffs you need to succeed.

    Useful links:
    BF PROs Squadbuilder (It will show you what buffs are or are not present in your squad depending on the units you choose)
    BF PROs Unit Guide (Allows you to compare units or search for specific units or buffs)
    BF Wiki (Great as a general source of information on BF)

    General Use/Questing Squads

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    • You need a mitigator and some BB gen at the very least. Healer is recommended for stuff like elgifs and event Vortex dungeons

    • Use Zelnite and/or Zeruiah leads for exp/mat/karma/zel farming

    • An ideal General use/Questing squad is very similar to a trial/GQ squad, but due to powercreep, most quests are easy for 7*/OE units

    • If you don’t use it for hard content, you can pretty much use whatever you want in a questing squad. Easy stuff is easy stuff. Go chill and have fun!

    • SBB spam, full auto

    Sample squad:

    :water: Vern lead (spark buffer, elemental retyper, BC on spark + dark element via SP) OR :earth:Zeruiah/:earth:Zelnite lead
    :light: Krantz (mitigator, burst heal, BC/HC buffs)
    :thunder: Silas (BB atk buff, crit buffs + light element via SP, provides all elements buffs when used in combination with Vern)
    :fire: Kulyuk (cleanse, BB gauge fill rate buff, def convert buff + def buff, BB on hit via SP)
    :light: Lara (atk/def convert buff, HoT, crit null, heal when attacked)
    Friend: Anyone, but :earth:Zeruiah/:earth:Zelnite leads are preferred for mat/exp/karma/zel farming

    Trial/GGC/Grand Quest Squads

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    • Similar to a general use squad, but you’ll need to bring your best units to tackle hard content

    • Mitigation, healing and status ailment protection are mandatory

    • Prioritizes defense, defensive LS’s and BB gen, but including offensive buffs is recommended

    • Takes into account both BB and SBB buffs, unlike general use squads which mainly take into account SBB buffs.

    Sample squad:

    :fire: Azurai lead (mitigation/damage LS, Atk/Def convert buff on BB, crit buffs, tristat buff + BB atk buff on SBB)
    :light: Krantz (mitigator, burst heal, BC/HC buff (SBB only), cleanse (BB only))
    :water: Vern (spark buffer, BC on spark via SP)
    :earth: Felice (BB fill, BC on spark, BB on hit)
    :light: Lara (crit null, BB atk, HoT + burst heal on BB, Atk/Def convert buff, HoT + heal when attacked on SBB)
    :light: Ark friend (mitigation/damage LS, burst heal, attack buff, +hitcount buff, cleanse (BB only), OD fill rate (SBB only) + EWD null and all elements buff via SP)

    Raid Squads

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    • Mostly the same as hard content squads
    • Non-crit offensive leads are best suited to raid

    • Prioritizes offense, but including BB gen or defensive buffs is recommended

    • Mitigator, healer and status ailment protection required

    • ST nuker highly recommended for focusing down body parts

    • Can be done manually like with trials/GGCs, but full auto SBB spam is preferred
    • Avoid crit leads if possible and be careful to avoid killing the main body first if you do decide to use them
    Sample squad:

    :light: Ark lead (mitigation/damage LS, burst heal, atk buff, cleanse (BB only), OD fill rate, crit null OR EWD null + all elements buff via SP)
    :light: Krantz (cleanse (BB only), burst heal, BC/HC buffs (SBB only))
    :earth: Felice (BB on hit, BB fill, BC on spark)
    :light: Lara (atk/def convert buff, HoT, crit bull, heal when attacked)
    :dark: Nyami OR :thunder:Rize OR :light:Lauda (ST/AOE nuker. They only spam their SBB so whatever utility there is on their BB doesn’t exist)
    :dark: Ensa-Taya friend (non-crit offensive LS, BB atk buff, spark buff, damage vs. enemies afflicted with status ailments, status ailment infliction)

    Frontier Hunter/Frontier Gate (FH/FG) Squads

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    • All offense, you want to kill everything in 1 turn

    • Focus on including as many different damage buffs as possible

    • Focus on squeezing in as many nukers as possible

    • No need for mitigator, healer or status ailment protection

    Sample squad:

    :fire: Avant lead (nuking LS, powerful nuking UBB for End farming)
    :water: Vern (spark buffer, BC on spark via SP) OR :thunder:Eze (spark buffer, spark nuker)
    :light: Allanon (all elements buff, elemental weakness damage buff, BB filler for End farming)
    :fire: Azurai (crit buffer, tristat buffer, BB atk buffer)
    :dark: Nyami (nuker) OR :thunder:Eze
    :fire: Avant friend

    Arena Squads

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    • Use leads that maximize normal attack damage, attack, health and defense

    • Ideal subs are units with angel idol or +hitcount extra skills

    • Main exception is Mifune due to his high attack stat

    • No mitigator, healer or status ailment protection required

    Sample squad (Type 1):

    :dark: Mizerka lead (Offensive LS that provides AOE normal attacks, angel idol ES)
    :dark: Mifune (high normal attack damage)
    :dark: Mifune
    :dark: Mifune
    :dark: Mifune

    Sample squad (Type 2):

    :fire: Randolph or :earth:Terry lead (hybrid offensive/defensive LS) or :earth:Avani lead (offensive LS, + hitcount LS and ES)
    :fire: Azurai (angel idol ES, hard hitting BB/SBB)
    :fire: Azurai (angel idol ES, hard-hitting BB/SBB)
    :water: Selena (+hitcount and angel idol ES)
    :light: Izuna (angel idol ES)

    Section 3: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What starter should I choose?

    Anyone but Selena, as you will get her later on from completing Summoner’s Journal. Of the three remaining starters (Vargas, Lance and Eze), Eze is probably the best pick as a long term investment as he is useless until he is fully evolved to Omni Evo and fully maxed. OE Eze is a great spark nuker and damage dealer, being a versatile unit useful in FH/FG, in hard content and to some extent, arena (due to his high attack).

    Where do I get more starters?

    Honor Summon or (preferably) Super Honor Summon. You can get all starters there, including Atro and Magress, who are not available to choose from when starting the game. RNG is RNG, though. It’s entirely possible to get multiple Vargas’ and no Atros, for example.

    That said, if you obtain many starter dupes, keep them until you can get one of them to Omni. Feeding starter dupes is one of the fastest way to max their Omni’s SP.

    What should I focus on doing ingame as a newbie?

    Focus on story quests to level up quickly and get gems. Once you have enough, you can try pulling for a 5* unit that will carry you through the story quests. Global Exclusive and Re-Summon gates generally have the best chance of yielding good units, but if there is none present, divine summon or new unit releases are the next best thing. Do Vortex as needed to max and/or evolve your units.

    How should I spend my merit points?

    Early game, you want to buy some stat spheres to boost your squad, some imp keys, whatever legend stones you need to evolve your units and if you plan to do raid in the future, the treasure boxes/coffers. Some RC6 raid bosses have very low drop rates for the rare materials, so if you want to farm the best spheres, they may save you some farming.

    Later on in the game, after you have cleared more content and obtained more spheres, the spheres from the merit point shop become superfluous. You won’t need the merit point shop’s spheres as anything other than crafting material, allowing you to diversify your purchases to include evolution materials, crystals, imps/artons and whatever else you may need.

    How do I evolve units?

    Evolution materials can be found in the Vortex. Totems and Mecha Gods should always be farmed from Vortex. Elemental pots, idols, spirits, and nymphs can be obtained for cheap prices via the merit point shop.

    Metal mimics are obtained by evolving bat mimics (from quests or Wednesday dungeon). The metal ghosts and metal kings can be obtained from dark metal parade (costs 1 key).

    What is the best unit type?

    General consensus is Anima type, followed by Breaker and Guardian, then Lord, then Oracle. However, it mostly comes down to personal preference nowadays. With elgifs around, typing doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to a unit’s viability. Having a unit as Oracle (usually considered the worst typing) is better than not having that unit at all. If your best unit is Oracle type and you have no other dupes to choose from, raise it and use it. An oracle type “good” unit will help you a lot more than an anima type “subpar” unit.

    What kind of units should I focus on first?

    Healers and mitigators should be maxed first as they are essential for hard content. After that, you can focus on your offensive, defensive and BB gen buffers, and then your ST nukers (for raid) and specialized units (arena units, status inflictors, crit buffers, etc.).

    I don’t have enough cost! How do I level up fast?

    Doing the last story quests of an area such as Tower of Amu Yunos -> Hour of Disaster in Zamburg is the fastest way to level during 2x quest exp events.

    During ½ Vortex energy, the fastest way to level by far is the Monday Karma Dungeon. On rare occasions, you will be able to do Super Karma Dungeon (SKD). It is the same as the normal Karma Dungeon except that it is available for ½ energy and gives twice as much exp. This will essentially allow you to level up infinitely to at least level 350+ or 400+. This is of course, assuming no Zeruiah/Zelnite leads and no guild. You can go much higher depending on if you use Zeruiah or Zelnite leads and with bonus guild exp.

    How do I unlock a unit’s extra skill?

    Max out the unit’s SBB level. This also unlocks a unit's UBB. Note that some units require a certain sphere for part of their extra skill to be activated in addition to max SBB level (other effects granted by the ES may work even without the sphere). Only 7* and Omni Evo units have ES.

    What is the best way to get zel/karma?

    1. Farming Ishgria quests with Zelnite/Zeruiah/Julius leads + guild bonus (karma + zel)
    2. Raid slots (zel only, you get it from Jewel units)
    3. Super Honor Summon (zel only, from Jewel units)
    4. Mega Jewel Parade (zel only)
    5. Monday karma dungeon (karma only)

    What is the best way to get imps?

    Imp parades are the best way to farm a large amount of imps at once. Usually this done with a unit with a fast animation such as Mifune or Atro. Imp parade keys can be obtained in the merit point shop (under ‘other’ tab) for 4,000 merit points each.

    You will also get a considerable number of imps from daily login, the raid medal slot machine and the merit point shop. Artons can be obtained via the merit point shop and as one time rewards from the various FG challenges.

    How do I max my units quickly?

    Best time to max units is during SHS (Super Honor Summon) when the rates of Great Success and Super Success are highest. Super Honor Summon also allows you to spend your accumulated honor points to get a huge number of crystals which you can use to level your units.

    Another way to get crystals is via MMP (Mega Metal Parade). This is best done during ½ Vortex Energy events and when you are about to level so you can squeeze in the maximum amount of runs within the allotted time.

    How do I get more honor points for SHS?

    Select a friend, start a 3 energy quest and give up. Rinse and repeat until you run out of friends who can give you +80 honor points. Note that it’s not worth doing this if you only get 10 honor points when using a friend unit.

    How do I unlock an Omni unit's SP?

    Evolve them to Omni, max out their level (which is level 150) and max out their SBB level.

    What is the best way for farm for SP (skill points) for my Omni units?

    Any story quest. Farming quests in Ishgria is a good way to get zel, karma and fodder along with farming extra Mifune dupes. The fastest way to get fodder for the least cost is by doing the 3 energy quests in “Adventurer’s Prairie” in Mistral. You also gain 5 SP from fusing burst emperors and unit dupes (rarity doesn’t matter), 10 SP from sphere frogs and 1 SP from burst frogs. Burst emperors, burst frogs and sphere frogs can be obtained from merit point shop, raid medal slot machine or as one time rewards for completing FG challenges.

    What SP builds should I choose for my units?

    Depends on your squad. You want to grab as many useful buffs as you can while minimizing overlap. Xerte's Unit Analysis on reddit offers you a short list of SP builds you can choose from if you're lost.

    All of them are neatly compiled in this reddit thread HERE.

    What elgifs are worth keeping?

    Generally speaking, you should save 15%+ HP or all stat elgifs for your best units which you plan to use for hard content. Stat buffs from elgifs not only compensate for bad typing, but also make units even more resilient against hard hitting bosses. The other elgifs can be put on less valuable units or sold for merit. Also, note that you will need an emgif (obtainable from merit point shop) if you wish to move an elgif from one unit to another. Only do this for your best elgifs. Elgifs can be obtained from the “Guardians of Lore” Vortex dungeon.

    What kind of spheres should I equip my units with?

    Generally speaking, you want to equip a stat sphere and another sphere of a different type. Your best BB gen spheres should always go to your mitigator. After that, it depends on the circumstances and the quest.

    If your units are taking a beating, give them recovery or mitigation spheres.

    If your units are struggling to fill their BB gauges, give them spheres that increase their BB gen.

    If you want to optimize damage, give them spark or attack spheres. (Crit spheres should only be used in FH/FG. Spark and attack spheres can be used anywhere.)

    If a unit has a unique sphere associated with them that unlocks part of their ES, you should usually use that sphere on them (though there are some exceptions).

    Where can I find good spheres?

    - Quest farming for the Demon Igniter/Striker/Silk
    - Guild Exchange hall + Randall sphere building for Jeu'vrr's Heart/Battle Heart/Warsong and Jeu'vrr's Breath/Oration/Warcry
    - All of the GGC spheres. The most significant one is Ark GGC for Oracle Bangles
    - Twinkle Gem, Grudge Bow, Phoenix Orb (available from time to time in the Merit Point Exchange Hall - these spheres aren't that good on their own, but they can be used to craft spheres that are -> Health Codex, Variable Arsenal and Beiorg's Armor respectively)

    Grand Quests:
    - Warped Reflection (Lugina GQ) for Sky Harbringer
    - The Correct Path (Quaid GQ) for Merith Pearl
    - Ten Winged Tormentor (Michele GQ) for Penta-Locus
    - Four Heroes of Palymna (Loch GQ) for Four Bonds
    - Entrusted Will (Krantz GQ) for Virtuous Cape
    - The Tinkerer's Deceit (SBS GQ) for Harp of Aurelia
    - Eneroth: Genesis GQ for Bond of Rih'alnase and Ritus staff (for Allanon only)

    - The Green Menace for Heresy Orb
    - The Crimson Horror for Fallacy Orb
    - The Cobalt Impact for Impiety Orb
    - Imperial Ambition for Infidelity Orb
    - The Yellow Flash for Schism Orb
    - Breaking Barriers for Medblare
    - Genius Challenge for Sacrilege Orb
    - Battle 001 in Strategy Zone for Unyielding Device

    - Raid X2/X3/X4 for the SBS and Eneroth batch spheres. Special mention goes to Eremorn's Aegis and Vorpal Chainblades from X4
    - RC5 “A Nightmare Anew” clear for Sacred Crystal
    - RC6 Beiorg for Beiorg’s Armor
    - RC6 Mora for Twilight Stone
    - RC6 Kalon for Armor of the Seal

    Frontier Gate:
    - FG30 (Challengers Hall) for Phantom Gizmo
    - Bound to Earth for Phantom Device
    - Bound to Light for Projection Device
    - Bound to Thunder for Enhancing Device
    - Pandemic FG for Dreadnought Shell Aleph
    - Endless Corridor (Endless FG) for Growth Device and Heavenly Ring
    - Courageous Assault (male only FG) for Versatile Device
    - Graceful Assault (female only FG) for Vitality Device
    - Recalling Order for Resistive Device
    - Recalling Bondage for Offensive Device
    - Panache for Mem Cache
    - A Flash of Lightning for Invigorating Device

    Rewards for long term players (these spheres are not hard to get, you just need to play a while to get them):
    - Sacred Axe (Accumulate 1 million merit points, redeemable from records)
    - Amenonuhoko (Accumulate 1.25 million merit points, redeemable from records)
    - Sacred Longbow (Accumulate 200 million service points in frontier hunter, redeemable from records)
    - Heavenly Bud (Accumulate 200k points in Frontier Gate or reach HR29 in Frontier Hunter, redeemable from records)
    - Shiny Anklet (Accumulate 600k points in Frontier Gate, redeemable from records)
    - Sacred Blade (Accumulate 1,000,000 points in Frontier Gate, redeemable from records)
    - Divine Blade (Reach HR 27 in Frontier Hunter)
    - Soul Blade (Reach HR 33 in Frontier Hunter - both Soul Blade and Divine Blade are not useful in hard content but are good in arena. Soul Blade can be used to craft another awesome sphere called 'Variable Arsenal')
    - Summoner Key (Reach HR 38 in Frontier Hunter or Ruling Star in arena; the sphere itself sucks, but it is used to craft another awesome sphere called 'Health Codex.')

    Event spheres:
    - Golden Lion Regalia (Chinese New Year)
    - Lop Blessing and Paskuan Enhancer (Easter)
    - Demonic Skull and Ominous Orb (Halloween)
    - Frozen Fantasy and Winter Memoria (Christmas)

    Are there any exceptions to the general rules when it comes to buff stacking?

    • “Reduce damage taken when damage taken has exceeded certain amount” buffs on LS will not stack with each other but will stack with flat damage reduction (“10% damage reduction”). Example: Running two OE Ark leads (your own and a friend) will only result in one of their mitigation LS buffs working. Running Ark and Azurai leads will result in you reaping the rewards of both types of damage reduction.

    • Arena leader skills that have a turn limit for when they are active (example: for the first 2 turns) will not stack with spheres whose effects are only active for a limited number of turns (ex: Angelic Foil). Two copies of the leader skill will also not stack if you're using them outside the arena (with a friend lead).

    • In general, leader skills with some kind of activation condition that can be triggered in battle will not stack with each other (e.g. Zero's "boosts Spark damage for 2 turns when Sparks have exceeded certain amount" and Gazia's "increases reduction of damage taken when guarding & restores HP when guarding" will not stack with another LS with the same activation condition).

    • HP buffs that come from BB/SBB and UBB will not stack with each other. The highest one used will always be active and cannot be buff wiped.

    • Whether attack or def convert buffs stack depends on the destination and not the original stat. An ATK -> DEF buff will stack with a DEF -> ATK buff. However, a REC -> ATK buff will not stack with a DEF -> ATK buff.

    • ATK convert buffs on LS (such as Ensa-Taya’s) will feed into conversions done by ATK -> DEF convert buffs. However, atk and def convert buffs on BB/SBB will not feed into each other.

    What is the optimal swipe order?

    For most content, swipe order doesn’t matter since you’re mainly refreshing your buffs or killing things fast enough that optimizing damage doesn’t matter. The only place it does matter is in FH/FG. The optimal swipe order for FH/FG is:

    Crit rate/damage buffer -> Elemental retyper -> BB mod/atk -> Atk buffer -> Spark buffer

    What items should I keep or discard?

    If you want to save time on crafting, hoard everything. If you’re short on space, this guide can be of use:

    The item guide is by Sephy15 on reddit, found here.

    General rule of thumb is to keep materials for hero crystals, revives, cures and fujins as well as stuff for spheres that you commonly craft. Spheres like Mech Sword, Limbo Stone, Sacred Jewel and the raid slot spheres can be safely sold, as are any ingredients for Medulla jewel or lower. (Legwands can be obtained from Frontier Hunter. It’s a waste to craft anything lower.)

    Is it worth spending gems to expand unit and inventory space?

    YES. Never ever sell a unit that is not a duplicate. Alim (and sometimes Gumi) periodically upgrade old units to higher rarities. That useless unit that’s been sitting in your inventory for months might get a chance to shine. BF is a game that rewards hoarding, so don’t be afraid to invest in unit and inventory space if you need it. It is quite common for end game BF players to have at least 400 unit and item space, often much more than that.

    What kind of gates should I pull at?

    Generally speaking, you should try and save for GE’s (Global Exclusives), especially limited edition ones. However, you should evaluate if the GE’s will cover any roles you’re missing before pulling. Not all GE’s are worth pulling, but many are. If you are a collector and/or willing to spend money, you can pull for anything you like. If you are free to play, ask yourself if you want to use the new unit. If the answer is no and you are not a collector, then skip the gate.

    Besides GE gates, if you’re aiming for a specific unit, resummon gates and limited pool gates are the best gates to summon at as they have the highest rates.

    I pulled some new units. How do I know if they are better for my squad?

    Compare their buffs, and determine which one has stronger buffs or more buffs, then make a judgment call on what unit is objectively better. Feeva, for example, only offers BC/HC buffs, while Lara offers BC/HC buffs in addition to a lot of other things. Therefore, it would it advantageous to use Lara over Feeva.

    Another example is Dolk and Mikael. Dolk and Mikael both offer def convert buff. However, However, Dolk converts 35% of ATK into DEF. Mikael converts 60% of ATK into DEF. Mikael offers more powerful buffs than Dolk and is generally a better choice for hard content.

    This site may be useful for comparing units: https://touchandswipe.github.io/bravefrontier/unitsguide.html

    Where is the best place to farm Mifune?

    @Eleiryn made a thread on this: http://www.bravefrontierforum.net/threads/guild-xp-farming-new-mifune-spot.74015/

    Where can I find more information on Summoner Mode?

    Summoner mode is the third arc of BF's storyline, with Grand Gaia being the first and Ishgria being the second. It features different gameplay as your summoner is now a customizable character rather than an unseen ghost. There is a lot of information on summoner mode scattered around this forum and on reddit. Here are some links to get you started:

    - Eleiryn's original thread HERE.
    - Eleiryn's second thread HERE.
    - Eleiryn's third thread HERE. (Guide for the first map: Bectas)
    - Eleiryn's fourth thread HERE. (Guide for the second map: Vilanciel)
    - Raregold3's list of good units for summoner mode HERE.
    - Xerte's thread on Summoner Mode weapon data HERE.

    Is there a tier list for BF?

    Yes there is!

    See here:

    The tier list is by 808birdman on reddit, found here.

    When should Avant be used and when should he be avoided?

    Avant is a highly popular and overrated unit in the BF community. There are many guides out there that praise him quite heavily. In a sense they are right: Avant is the current king of crits in FH/FG due to his nuking LS and UBB, which provide the most damage out of all units. Only Nyami’s LS can come close to the damage Avant’s LS allows your squad to put out. However, there’s a catch: Avant’s damage is critical based, and crit damage is highly resisted in most hard content. This makes Avant a poor or mediocre lead choice outside of FH/FG.

    Avant can be used outside of FH/FG for a few things, such as killing Xie’Jing (Trial X4) and Aranvis (Eneroth GQ) In one turn. Outside of that, his usefulness is limited due to most recent content being crit resistant. Avant’s main strength is amazing critical based leader skill. As a sub unit, he is rather mediocre by OE standards. His HP -> ATK buff is relatively weak (DEF -> buffs are generally stronger) and his BB atk buff is common among OE units. He is useable if he is the only BB atk and/or atk convert buffer you have available, but there are lots of better choices out there.

    In raid, it is best to avoid using Avant leads entirely as you have a decent chance of getting blacklisted by other players. In raid (especially in RC4 or above), you need to kill certain body parts to increase your chances to get a rare mat. Problem is, in most cases the body part you need to kill for the rare mat is crit resistant while the main body is not. Avant leads have a notorious habit of nuking down the main body before the other body parts are destroyed, denying the chance for everyone in the raid of obtaining the rare mat and wasting their time.

    While there are raids where Avant is effective (such as RC6 Beiorg or Shusui), there are many better lead options for raid. Use Avant as your main lead in FH/FG, but avoid using his LS for other game modes.

    What’s the difference between Alim and Gumi?

    Alim is the original Japanese developer of Brave Frontier. Most of our units and content come from Alim. The main storyline, all GGCs, most GQs, most trials and most units are produced by Alim and translated and imported to the Global server by Gumi Asia. As of late, we’ve been approximately 2 months behind the Japanese version of BF in terms of units and content.

    Alim is a subsidiary of Gumi Inc (or gumi Inc, with the name in lowercase). Gumi Inc is a Japanese company or business group with offices in several countries. Gumi Inc has a subsidiary called Gumi Asia, based in Singapore. Gumi Asia in is the Global distributor for Brave Frontier. Our Global Exclusives, guild content and some raids/trials/GQs are made solely by Gumi Asia. For example, everything related to the SBS batch and Eneroth batch units is only present on the Global server.

    It’s important to make the difference between Alim and Gumi Asia to avoid blaming the wrong studio when things go wrong. They are part of the same group of companies, but there are two different teams in different countries.

    General Guidelines when asking for squad help:

    • If you decide to list your units’ names, try organizing them by rarity and element
    • If you decide to post a screenshot of your units, try to filter out evo mats, elgifs, crystals, jewel units, etc. Those are not used as units in squad and and should not be listed as units. It will save the people who are helping you a lot of time in determining what your best units are and how to make a squad with them.
    • Be clear on what squads you want built for you. There is no “one squad” in BF that can waltz through all the different game modes. Choose which areas you need the most help in.
    • Try not to ask for too many squads at once. Asking for a few squads is fine, but asking for a dozen squads for all the things you haven’t cleared yet will most likely result in your thread being ignored.
    • Be patient and don’t spam the forums with help threads.
    Special thanks to @Eleiryn, @Sustainer and @Acyl for their input! (y)
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    Awesome guide, thanks so much for your advice.
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    If it was possible to give this more than one like I would. A true masterpiece. Everyone should have to provide some form of proof that they've read this before they are allowed to post on our forums.
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    Thanks! A lot of work went into this guide. :D

    I kinda wish that was the case, but at this point all we can do is hope that the newbies and returning oldies will read it before asking questions. The same questions get asked over and over again by different people and it's about time to put them to rest. (y)
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    Mmmmm baby that's some grade A+++ shit right there

    Kyrian is credit to team
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    Great Guide man, I shall consult this before asking anymore silly questions!
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    Helps a lot! Definitely helped fine tune some of my team! Best guide I've seen yet
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    Ooh I like. :p
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    Wow! Definitely one of the best thread made on the site. You have my respect, fantastic job. I really hope everyone sees this. Its so gooooood
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    Reading this 10 years later since I got linked.
    This guide is very complete holy shit :D
    A few small things I wanted to point out:
    - In the current meta, Heal each turn (=HoT) is a "high priority" healing/defensive buff
    - Same thing for "add elements" in terms of offense. It's the best and most reliable damage buff if you're running a mono team
    - FH teams should emphasize more on the dupe aspect. Even using Rize dupes will be infinitely better than adding random units

    The guide deserves a lot more credit !
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    Ya definelty adding what @Pulsate mentioned. The game does evolve. Hope to see this updated once and awhile.
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    The guide does mention use of dupe units, but it's fairly far down in a long list of bullet points. You're right, it probably deserves more emphasis.

    Part of this may be because Kyrian originally intended to do an entire part of the guide about optimum sparking, squad slot placement, animation and so on. If that had been written, it would have focused on the dupe thing more. It was deliberately left out in the end for various reasons, one of them being that it would be a very technical and complex discussion to get into.
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    I think Kyrian quit the game tho ? :( Not sur @Kyrian
    True, a specific part about sparking, especially now that the perfect sparking mechanics are becoming common knowledge and there's a really good sparking simulator on Reddit made by Hamza.
    Credits to Hamza for the amazing work, go check his simulator, easy to use and it works for all units but teleporters, and he said teleporters ae nearly ready to be added. The only units that dont work and wont work for a while are ST units because of how the game works, but in practise it's only Durumn (she moves as a ST unit due to her ST hitting before AOE, that's why she's unreliable) and Arus since they're pretty much the only ST units used in the meta afaik.

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