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    Hi! I have been using a squad which I have finished the game with but I feel like it could use some improvement and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. All units are max evolved.

    Current Squad for Hard Content:
    :light:Alan (LS)
    :dark:Roglizer (SP: Spark Dmg Boost, BB Atk Boost, Spark Dmg boosts BB)[​IMG]
    :water:Elimo (SP: None yet... maybe Crit Dmg Negation and Ele Dmg Negation?)
    :water:Lofia (SP: Enhance all Ele Dmg Reduction effect)
    :thunder:Cleria (SP: Boost to BB gauge)

    On reserve:
    al-Akqat, Alessa, Amus, Barion, Divine Phoenix, Glenn, Ludero, Lyonesse, Shura, Vargas, Zegstia
    Amu Yunos, Azalea, Azami, Camilla, Cotton, Divine Wolf/Isniel, Hugh, Ilm, Melord, Selena, Zeleste, Vaisal, Wintia
    Daros, Dranoel, Eriana, Faelan, Felice, Lance, Limilnate, Mordlim, Nimune, Nyala, Rozalia, Zeruiah
    Ewan, Eze, Fizz, Jireid, Ordine, Ragra, Rayla, Silas, Zora
    Amadream, Agress, Ark, Diastima, Carrol, Chloe, Divine Dragon/Lukroar, Elphelt, Gabriela, Lauda, Logi, Mora, Solos,
    Beatrix, Johan, Mizo Dorte, Luina, Neviro, Nyami, Ragina, Ramlethal, Randolph and Ravenna, Roglizer (second one with no SP), Shion, Sonia, Zalvard, Zenia

    I tried the following but I could never fully cast SBB's against Karna Masta final stage:
    :light:Alan (LS)
    :dark:Roglizer (SP: Spark Dmg Boost, BB Atk Boost, Spark Dmg boosts BB)
    :water:Lofia (SP: Enhance all Ele Dmg Reduction effect)
    :light:Chloe (SP: 2 turn Mitigation 50%)

    Also if you have the time, any help on Colosseum? I'm getting my ass kicked.
    Current units:

    Also sitting on 131 gems so if there's a unit I should summon that's on special right now, please let me know (e.g. Tsovinar?).
    Thanks much!

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