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    Thank you for yet another incredible year on Grand Gaia! We really can't overstate how awesome it is to have a community as passionate and as involved as you all, still driving Brave Frontier RPG forward after almost 3 years.

    Well, the show must go on! 2017 promises to be our most ambitious year yet, with the biggest game mode releases of all, diving deep into the ever expanding story of Grand Gaia and beyond!

    Join us as we reflect on what's been accomplished and present you with an exciting future to look forward to!

    2016 in Summary

    So much has happened in 2016, with you, our judges, ever eager to celebrate when everything is awesome and done right or to brandish your pitchforks when we're accused of ruining it all - just like any healthy long term relationship!
    It's easy to lose track of how much has been done, so before we move on to discuss how Brave Frontier RPG will evolve in 2017, here's a look at how a year can change a game!

    1. Content ported over from the Japanese version by Alim

    Every single piece of content ported over from the original, Japanese version of Brave Frontier goes through a huge localization effort in 5 languages, proper implementation into the European version's development code and specific features, as well as thorough testing to minimize the number of bugs at our best, with hundreds of issues popping-up and corrected during development phases.

    In 2016, we've ported more than 300 playable characters (Units & their Evolutions), including:

    • More than 80 Unit Releases - Mostly with 3 Evolutions, adding up to more than 240 Units, with more than 1,300 different skills and 60,000 words (including Unit Lore, Fusion/Evolution/Summon comments and Skill descriptions).
    • More than 50 Unit Evolutions - With more than 250 different skills and 12,000 words.

    In 2016, we've ported more than 300 playable missions, including:

    • 8 Quest Regions - From Lem to Menon in Ishgria, more than 250 quests and more than 20,000 words.
    • 8 Grand Gaia Chronicles - From Guardians of the Gods to Resurrected Flame, more than 20 volumes.
    • 8 Trials - From Trial n°007 to the "Rainbow Goddess" Trial.
    • 57 Raid missions - From Raid Class 1 to Raid Class 5, with special Medal Rush levels.

    In 2016, we've released 7 Major Game Updates, including:

    • The Raid Battle Update - Introducing real-time multiplayer, Medals and the Slot Machine.
    • The Elgif Update - Introducing secondary Extra Skills with more than 100 effects and an Elgif dungeon.
    • The Dream Evolution Update - Introducing dozens of different Enhancements and the SP feature.
    • The Frontier Gate Update - Introducing a Score Attack mode with new missions added regularly.

    2. Content created & developed in France by gumi Europe

    As a game studio, our team is also dedicated to creating brand new content for Brave Frontier RPG. Game Designers, Artists and Developers work hand in hand to provide you with such content regularly, again requiring thorough localization and testing along with all ported content.

    In 2016, we've followed up on many of our storylines, creating 32 playable characters:

    • 21 New - Yggdrasil, 12 Zodiacs, Plumatachi, Freyja, Sedrac, Amadeus, Ninmah, Enki, Galahad, Lancelot.
    • 11 Evo. - Heinrich, Cornelius, Magena, Llewxam, Skalmold, Jade, Jason, Lavinia, Jack, Arthur, Lucy.
    • Valhalla & Mirror World Season 2 - "Return to Valhalla" Saga from March to July, and September.
    • Bad Lands Anniversary Special - Introducing Plumatachi in April to tie-in with the arrival of Zodiacs.
    • Shapeshifters Season 2 - "Return of the Shapeshifters" in October, revealing the past and the future.
    • NeoAvalon Season 2 - Sequel to 2015's story, started in December, running until February 2017.

    In 2016, we've created more than 60 playable missions, and 4 new types of Vortex dungeons, including:

    • 2 Quest Regions - Valhalla and the start of NeoAvalon with Guest characters and dialogue.
    • 2 Anniversary Dungeons & 1 Trial - With a 3rd Community Effort during the Llewxam/Yggdrasil war.
    • 4 Character Quests (NEW) - 100% story-driven adventures where players can try our newest Units.
    • 11 Ultimate Challenges (NEW) - End game content meant to challenge the fiercest players.
    • 1 Forbidden Vortex (NEW) - A challenge for the entire community to figure out together.
    • 4 Rift Expeditions (NEW) - A daily mission for all players to craft Sphere unlocking Extra Skills.

    3. Collaborations with the Brave Frontier Global Team

    This year has also given us amazing opportunities to work with our friends over at the Brave Frontier Global Team with great partnerships to bring you amazing Collaborations - Deemo, THE KING OF FIGHTERS & FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS - all featuring well-known characters brought to life in awesome dungeons, with unique rewards!

    Closing comments

    All in all, in 2016, we've had tons of memorable moments with you all, releasing:
    • over 350 playable characters with more than 1,800 skill effects and a new Enhancements feature
    • over 350 missions across 9 types of game modes/dungeons, 6 of which were NEW
    • over 50 Spheres, over 100 Elgifs , a new Daily Login Gift system, a new Frog, and so much more...
    All of which needed more than 180,000 words translated, and for which we fixed more than 1,200 bugs!

    Want to know the best part? The fun is far from over!
    Have a look below!

    The Year Ahead | 2017 Preview

    Brave Frontier RPG will celebrate its 3rd Year Anniversary in May 2017, a very important milestone for any mobile game. As such, we want to make sure that this year starts out strong with the releases of highly anticipated content so that we can all celebrate an even bigger, better, grander Brave Frontier RPG!

    What follows is a peek at some of the most important updates we're preparing for the first half of 2017.

    • Grand Quest

    Dive into the intertwined stories of many iconic Brave Frontier characters such as Karl, Seria or Grahdens in a new epic, story-driven game mode that will have you explore more of Grand Gaia. Choose your Squads wisely, defeat impressive Bosses with the help of Guest characters and come back with awesome rewards such as Evolution Materials for Mock Units!
    Screenshots of Grand Quest running on Brave Frontier RPG.

    • Arena Revamp

    The Arena will receive a much needed overhaul to enrich everyone's experience, featuring combat rules, higher gains of Arena Battle Points per win, as well as a new reward for players who manage to stick around in the higher Leaderboard ranks, week after week, to craft a new top tier Sphere!

    • Colosseum

    Well-versed in all Arena tactics? More intense battles await! With Colosseum Tickets, enter this new game mode and get ready to fight your opponents differently in 2-round matches where you'll pit two Squads of your Units against another player's! Rack up a ton of Colosseum Battle Points and earn brand new rewards!

    • End of the 2nd Story Arc - Ishgria

    The exploration of the world of Ishgria comes to an end in 2017 as you get to set foot in the Quest Region of Mildran, finishing the second arc of Brave Frontier RPG's main story mode.

    • Start of the 3rd Story Arc - Summoner Avatar

    The next big chapter of our story mode will change the way you've experienced Brave Frontier RPG so far, putting you in the shoes of your very own character, a Summoner Unit that can be fully customized! Forget everything you know, this is a new beginning! You'll earn SP and Summoner Training Points, allowing you to choose how to specialize yourself and unlock new Enhancements, Summoning Arts & Weapons!

    • More exciting Collaborations

    Our recent partnerships with the Brave Frontier Global Team were only the start of very exciting plans to work together even more this coming year! We're eager to reveal special content releases that our fans have repeatedly been asking for over the past months and years!

    • Bad Lands Season 2

    Being the last Series we haven't revisited for a second round in 2016, apart from a small interlude with Plumatachi, it's only fair that our next big Season would be about the Bad Lands storyline! With several Dream Evolutions to unlock, complete with alternate stories and fates, expect more about this post-apocalyptic world and its many crazy characters to be revealed!

    • 3rd Year Anniversary

    What will it be this time? More Mirror shenanigans? Brand new Constellations? Yet another threat that can end the entire universe?! No matter what story our 3rd Year Anniversary will be telling, be sure to stick around for what promises to be the most extravagant event ever to have taken place on Grand Gaia!

    Look forward to even more!

    That was just a taste of what our team is currently planning to make this coming year the best ever for Brave Frontier RPG!

    As part of gumi Inc., both Alim, the Japanese developer behind the original Brave Frontier, and gumi Europe have their own creative freedom, with which we hope to surprise you many times with never before seen content!

    Thanks to you, our ever passionate community, we're as strong as ever, committed to the well being and development of the European version of Brave Frontier.

    Always stay up to date with our latest news, releases and events on our official forum, Facebook page or in-game, for there is a lot more to come!

    We can't wait to enjoy even more memorable moments, exciting releases and game-changing updates in the future!

    Happy New Year 2017 to you all, Summoners!

    - The Brave Frontier RPG Team
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    New content = new bugs. And some old bugs are still present here (like ES bug). :rolleyes:
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    Maybe it'll get double bugged and ES will apply several times. I'm sure it would get fixed pretty quick if that was the case
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    I'm excited to see reddit in flames after GL gets infected with EU bugs :3

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