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    Roaring thunder Viktor
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    Pretty happy with my team, especially leader Krantz but I just want to see if there’s any improvements I could make.
    Current squad:
    5 Star griff
    7 Star zelnite
    Omni- Krantz, Viktor, and Stein

    These are all my units, if there’s anyone I should evolve, to put on my team, please tell me!

    Omni- Stein, Viktor, Krantz, Linasera, Elphelt, Alan, Kistu

    7 Star- shura, Mariela, Asto, Hugh, Azalea, Amu Yunos, divine wolf, Arsom, Daze, Serge, Daros, Phileine, Barvars, Kanon, viktor, Licht, Ewan, Cleria, Beiorg, Jireid, Divine Machine, Ordine, Sirius, Izuna, Lauda, Mora, Zalvard, Velma, Mizo Dorte, Ragina, Charlotte, Cerise,

    6 Star- griff, Lario, Zellha, Maxwell, Exgear, Cardes, Zevalhua, Afla Dilith, Kurewa & Kuraginn, Zedus,

    5 Star- Vargas, Agni, seria, Darvanshel, Avant, Vermilion, Berdette, Golzo, Iris, Savia, Piany, Eze, Reddrag, Lilith, Kira, Raaga, Sixgear, Yuuri, Astall, Duel-GX ||, Logan, Grahdens, Luka, Yuura, Zeal, Carrol

    4 Star- Karl, Signas, Lugina, Hatsune Miku, Narza, Mifune, Lulujann, Kuda, Nick, Aurelia,

    3 Star- Amy
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    Just ask.
    Lukroar, Shion
    So, really, here's the thing, and you may not like this. Your squad's... not good. And the issue is Krantz. Krantz is the problem.

    Frankly you shouldn't be using Krantz lead. Your squad's messed up 'cause you're trying to force the whole five-element thing, and it's making you do choices that don't make sense (Krantz and Stein should not be in the same squad together, Viktor is pretty much only good in arena/colo and not outside it).

    But Krantz lead isn't worth it. This is gonna be an extreme statement, but for all intents and purposes, the only five-element lead that is worth using... is Lukroar. Very little else justifies five element mix. Krantz isn't good enough, Quaid isn't good enough, Michele isn't good enough. Only Lukroar.

    There's nearly no situation where Krantz LS is worthwhile for you. Levelling your account and running easy content? You'd want Zelnite lead.

    Doing harder stuff and want some DPS output, a mix of survival and damage - like in raid? You'd use Arsom lead. Possibly Lauda, Hugh, Mora, Shura and so on, any of whom would drastically outperform Krantz lead for damage.

    Okay, what about super-hard content, real hard boss fights? You'd run Alan lead, possibly Cleria/Mariela/Phileine lead.

    Arena/colosseum? You'd use Asto or maybe Viktor lead.

    At a glance, I can only see one possible case where you will use Krantz lead, and that's for normal hit kill strats for particular encounters... in practical terms, the only thing Krantz lead is good for, for you, is probably Elgif farming in vortex.

    EDIT: Squad builds, 'cause I really should, I guess.

    Squads assume all units are Omni.

    :light:Alan, :earth:Zelnite, :light:Krantz, :light:Linasera, :water:Arsom (or Mora/Hugh)
    - Zelnite lead for account XP farm
    - Arsom/Mora lead for raids, DPS
    - Alan lead for hard boss fights

    - SP Krantz for def relative to rec, two turn 50% dmg reduction
    - SP Arsom for spark dmg buff and sparks fill BB gauge, or use Mora (though Arsom LS has dmg reduction, Mora LS does not). Hugh can also be used instead of Mora if you want.

    MAIN BUILD #2 (alt)
    :light:Alan, :water:Stein, :thunder:Beiorg, :light:Linasera, :water:Arsom (or Mora)
    - this is similar to above except using Stein+Beiorg
    - squad has no Zelnite for account XP farm, if doing that maybe replace Beiorg with Zelnite
    - SP Stein for two turn 50% dmg reduction, BB boost when squad attacked
    - SP Beiorg for def relative to atk
    - use Beiorg UBB for 80% KO resistance - 80% chance units don't die when killed. Cast early as safety net in hard fights, buff doesn't expire with turns, lasts until triggered.

    - raise someone for ailment/debuffs for some bosses, e.g. :dark:Velma, :light:Zellha, maybe :thunder:Jireid

    - not enough data provided to give FH build, FH build requires info on how many of each unit you have, not just what units, as optimal FH setup needs 2x or 4x identical copies of unit.

    :water:Asto (Lead) + :thunder:Cerise, :water:Kitsu, :fire:Kurawa & Kuraginn, :dark:Zalvard
    - can also consider :thunder:Viktor, :light:Izuna, possibly others in squad
    - can also consider Viktor lead on arena and colo atk, Zalvard lead on colo def. Viktor/Zalvard have no ABP/CBP boost though.
    - Cerise is a strong arena/colo lead but requires thunder setup. You could do it, I guess - go with something like Beiorg, Jireud, etc.
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