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    You can start the game by getting the apk from the reddit
    -if you do so you will not be able to make in-app purchases till official launch-

    Devs have confirmed their will be no data wipe on launch provided account is bound to your fb account.

    My thoughts about the game:

    >The game it self has nice mechanics. The gameplay is a mix of Chain chronicles and terra battle, Which is quite nice.
    >The aura system is quite nice and opens alot of thought processes into team building
    >A lovely job system reminiscent of FF games
    >Slight city/town building aspect, doesn't affect the actual gameplay much
    >Great graphics
    >A new type of friend system
    > Guilds already implemented
    >May have a slight p2p advantage but nothing game breaking
    >Little bit on the grindy side when maxing out characters. Dont expect to have maxed characters in a day or so XD

    Give the game a go and see if you like it
    apk link

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