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    or known as Azure Revolution in JP. Any of you guys who played Valkyria Chronicles should know that this game is part of the series, but it's a different entry in like a different universe and setting (henceforth the use of the word Revolution to deviate it from Chronicles) although I can say some certain elements such as the Valkyurur and Ragnite still exist. Although be prepared, Gameplay has changed radically so don't expect the same elements from the very same Playstation game everyone knows and loves. I personally will be getting this game myself since I'm actually interested in it's story and gameplay.

    Valkyria Revolution's release date will be set on June 27th (Although earlier I thought they said somewhere in Early Q2 such as maybe next month or May, but maybe I heard wrong somewhere.) In North America while Europe will get it on June 30th. This game will be available for Playstation 4, PS Vita, and (to the delight of myself) Xbox One. You can Pre-order the game for the Vanargand Edition which include a special box, pin of the Vanargand coat of arms, and a 12 track CD by Yasunori Mitsuda (I think he did music for Chrono Trigger and Stella Glow). As for the pre-order, if any of you guys are from Europe, just know that you won't get the special pin (Hey I'm just throwing out there just in case). Also the price as far as I've seen is set at $39.99 (I think Sega anticipated that it wouldn't really do well for most audiences, specifically for those who prefer the original Valkyria games and their gameplay) Although you can pre-order it on vgp.ca right now for I think 54.99 for the Vanargand edition but compared to the 39.99 price who would want that? (I'm just sayin is all guys).
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