What enhancements should I use for Amadream?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StaticDragon, Jul 3, 2018.

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    So, roughly 2 1/2 weeks ago, I maxed out Amadream (her level and SP) and got her to Omni+1. However, I am still struggling to decide on what enhancements to use for her.


    Parameter Boost
    60% boost to all parameters (10 SP) [Unlocked]
    80% boost to all parameters (10 SP) [Unlocked]
    Attack Boost
    Normal attacks may hit all foes (20 SP) {30% chance of AoE normal attack (-30% extra damage)}*
    Aliment Resistance
    Negates all status ailments (20 SP)​
    Damage Reduction
    Negates elemental and critical damage (25 SP)​
    Breaks Atk's parameter limit (10 SP) {Raises Atk parameter limits to 160,000}*
    Probable resistance against 1 KO attack (70 SP) {70% chance}*
    Adds probable random status ailment infliction effect to SBB (25 SP) {75% chance}*
    Adds normal attack hits all foes to BB/SBB (35 SP) {For 3 turns}*
    Adds powerful additional attack at turn's end effect to BB/SBB (10 SP) [Unlocked] {For 3 turns; 600% DoT modifier}*
    Remaining SP/Total SP: 75/105 SP​

    * According to http://bravefrontierglobal.wikia.com/wiki/Intact_Champion_Amadream

    If I need to reset my points, I have enough gems to do so, but it might hurt in the long run where I could increase my Item/Unit Capacity or summon instead.
    Any suggestions? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you, and have a nice day!
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    Amadream is a primarily an arena/colo only unit. If you're building her for that, then you would want to prioritize the angel idol effect, self stats, and negating whatever damage/ailments you can with remaining SP. So something like...

    70SP - probably resistance against 1 KO attack
    10SP - 60% allstats

    And then depending on your personal preferences and sphere choices, as well as your decision to omni+3 and (soon) omni+5 her, you would pick from more stats, ailment immunity, and negate crit/ewd.

    For other content (FH/GR as a double attack/hp scaling Light nuker) you don't need the AI nearly as much but at the same time, very few of her SP help at all with nuking so it doesn't really need a full build. DoT is actively harmful in GR and in colo you'd usually prefer to use a better sphere/DoT option so I don't think it's a great addition personally. You WOULD, however, probably want to get her 10SP attack parameter limit break 'cuz especially for HP scaling units it's not hard to hit the normal attack cap.

    Especially with the light vortex arena upcoming, I would say that your current unlocks (60->80% stats) are fine, just get AI for sure, maybe attack limit break if you want to use her as an off-brand nuker, and decide from there. There's no law saying you need to spend ALL of your SP after all, sitting on 10 or 20 while deciding between two options is fine.
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