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    Hi people as my title says im wondering from my lists of what units i should keep and what i should get rid of. i have favorited all my units i definately want to keep but the units left are the ones im unsure of: http://imgur.com/a/oZkc7
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    There are some extremely good units here that shouldn't ever be on a sell list, not sure if you just weren't aware they are super-desirable units, or if they're dupes or something. Even then due to the nature of some of these, many players would hang on to duplicates.

    With that said - can't tell you what to sell. Can only tell you what to definitely keep. Because older obsolete units get upgraded to modern Omni standard on a monthly basis. Something that's shit today can be meta tomorrow. If you sell your last copy of a particular unit, that's your own risk. You won't be able to find someone willing to tell you it's safe to junk something - nobody's gonna put themselves out there and take responsibility for that, if you follow.

    (lower evo colo lead), :dark:Kalon (Omni), :dark:Johan (Omni), :dark:Xie'Jing (trial unit, can't get back if sold)
    :earth:Felice (Omni), :earth:Daze (Omni), :earth:Hisui (Omni, very good mitigator)
    :fire:Rengaku (Omni), :fire:Malef (Omni), :fire:Adriesta (Omni)
    :light:Sirius (Omni), :light:Lara (Omni), :light:Agress (Omni), :light:Gabriela (Omni, very good support/dmg hybrid)
    :thunder:Shera (Future Omni), :thunder:Kanon (Future Omni), :thunder:Pamela (leave at 5*, THE most desired unit for Summoner Mode), :thunder:Silas (Omni), :thunder:Fizz (Omni, extremely good arena lead), :thunder:Licht (Omni, extremely good spark buffer)
    :water:Belfura (Future Omni), :water:Tazer (Future Omni), :water:Soleil (popular for Summoner Mode at 5*, good for some farm setups - Soleil/Mifune squad), :water:Mariela (Omni, extremely good trial/GGC lead, support unit)
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