When should I evolve Pamela?

Discussion in 'Summoner Mode' started by Izzaded, Aug 25, 2017.

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    Hi, I'm currently struggling with act 1 Divine Machine, last boss.

    I'm using a 5* Pamela as my summon, and my thunder element is level 16. I know with the restrictions/element level that evolving is not nessisarly better, I'm just wondering what element level should I be aiming for and what I should evolve Pamela up too.

    My spheres aren't great, I've never really made any effort to educate myself on what spheres I should be using, currently using Je'vrr's Breath & Fallacy orb. I'm currently trying to build beiorgs Armor - any advice about spheres would be swell.

    Thank you.
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    If you haven't already, try to make a [Shining Stone] Leader Sphere and equip it for a decent boost to survivablity

    In case you feel the need to grind more, Ancient Wings - Elevated Station can help until you breach map 2. (alternatively, fuse a few crystals into your weapon, though isn't as effective past weapon level 15 and can quickly become extremely expensive)

    Some newbies may not know this, but your element does not have to match your units- Earth Summoner + Pamela is possible with no drawbacks (only reason to match elements is to get a +4 summoning arts exp bonus per unit; great for grinding, not so much for tackling hard quests)

    An easy way to defeat the map boss is to simply bring in a high level friend carry, though this method can't be used everywhere, as there's a petty infamous roadblock with a fixed guest lead (the map 2 midboss)

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